Now, government wants monorail for shorter routes

JAIPUR: After the Jaipur Metro rail project, the urban development and housing (UDH) department is inching towards monorail project on shorter route in the city. In a recent meeting, directions to prepare the feasibility report for the Engineering Project India Limited (EPIL), a company interested to join on the public-private partnership (PPP) model, were given by the UDH department. The state government is already planning to launch the project in Kota. It is learnt the detailed project report (DPR) for the monorail project (Kota) has been prepared by the firm.

A senior UDH official said, “A team of engineers from EPIL would conduct a survey soon. The teams will ascertain the route for the monorail where it will be feasible. The state government is planning to introduce monorail on PPP model.”

Sources in the department said, last year a Malaysian firm, M Rail International, was roped in to conduct a survey for the monorail project for the cities of Jodhpur and Kota. However, the officials of the firm never showed up for the survey in the cities which hampered the project work.

The initiative was taken by the state government last year after the UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal, visited Malaysia . “Efforts are being made to improve the public transport system. The state government is thinking of facilitating a speedy commute in the fast-growing cities,” said an official.

Sources in the department claimed that with already big projects such as Metro rail project phase I and II underway, cost is a major factor which the state government is worried about. For elevated tracks for monorail, the cost is Rs 140 crore per kilometre. So, the state government is finding possibilities to cover the maximum distance on surface.

Sources added, “Directions have been given to minimize the cost. Since the cost of elevated tracks is quite high, we will try to find out the possibility of running it maximum on surface rather than on elevated road. Whether it is possible to run the monorail on surface rather than on elevated track, we will find it through the survey.”