NSG mock drill at Dumdum Metro station

कोलकाता Kolkata (KOAA): Past midnight on Tuesday, the Dumdum Metro station turned into a hub of activity. Men in black, armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons and modern gadgets required for Close Quarter Battle (CQB) in an urban scenario, rushed into the platform to neutralize a terror strike. The ‘terrorists’ weren’t easy to take down. After all, they were as well trained as those who stormed the station to thwart their efforts. Several attempted strikes followed and were countered. This continued till the early hours of Wednesday.

Dumdum is one of two stations in the Metro Railway stretch that are linked to the Eastern Railway’s suburban network and handles lakhs of commuters everyday. No wonder, this was the station the National Security Guard (NSG) selected as the location for a mock drill in the Metro network that started from Tuesday. This drill has been held in the Metro after a year. The drill was an extremely hush-hush affair and save for a few, even Metro officials weren’t allowed access to the station while it was underway.

“The primary responsibility of the NSG hub at Badu near Kolkata is to handle any terror strike in the region. The Metro is a location that a terror outfit may target as it is crowded throughout the day and all movement takes place in confined space. More importantly, any terror strike on the Metro will provide significant publicity that is ‘Oxygen’ for terror outfits. Such a strike would also have a lasting effect on the population as the Metro is considered the lifeline of the city. It is part of our job to carry out mock drills at all installations that may be possible targets. This helps us prepare for any eventuality. We have been insisting for drills at Metro stations for quite some time now. Such drills were held a year ago. Much has changed since then,” a source in the NSG said.

All that he would reveal is that the NSG contingent split into two halves. While one group played terrorists, the other did their best to thwart the attempts. Several possibilities were tried out. As is common during such drills, the ‘terrorists’ were led by the most-experienced Black Cat commandos. They did their best to make it as difficult as possible for the rescuers.