NTPC to augment Rail Line to its Rihand Plant – invites Consultants for Detailed Engineering & PMC Services

RIHAND: NTPC/Rihand is a coal based power station with installed capacity of 1000 MW (Stage-I) and 2000 MW (Stage-II) located near Sonebhadra in Uttar Pradesh.

The coal source for the NTPC/Rihand plant comes from the Amlori Mines, Dudhichua Mines and Amloric Expansion Mines and the water is sourced from the Rihand Reservoir.

The beneficiary states are Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Chandigarh.

Rail Line project: NTPC now intends to to augment the Railway line to NTPC/Rihand plant and had invited Consultancy Services for detailed survey, detailed engineering and Project Management Services from the reputed consultants from the Railway industry. The Railway line needs to be augmented to any of the nearest/feasible railway stations viz.

  • Shakti Nagar Railway station which is located at 13.2 Kms distance.
  • Krishnashilla Railway STation which is located at 13.81 Kms.
  • Anpara Railway Station which is located at 21.53 Kms (or)
  • Singrauli Railway Station which is located at 24.58 kms distance.

All the above Railway stations are falling under the Dhanbad Division of East Central Railway zonal jurisdiction.

The scope of the work to be rendered by the PMC/PMEC for “Preparation of Detailed Project Report, Detailed Engineering and Project Management Consultancy services for Augmentation of Rail infrastructure for connection with the New Ash Silo location of Rihand STPP, Stage-III” is as under:

  • Detailed Engineering, i.e., Preparation of plans, detailed design and drawings, detailed estimates and schedule of quantities.
  • Preparation of tender documents, issue, receipt, pre bid discussions, resolution of bidder’s queries and evaluation of tenders. Submission of Bid Evaluation Report.
  • Finalization and award of contracts to agencies for works and supply including the preparation of Letter of Award.
  • Monitoring and Supervision of various activities related to supply and construction.
  • Commissioning of rail transportation system.

The activities to be done include BG Main Rail Track, yards, bridges, culverts, P-way etc as per approved drawings and Technical Specifications. The detailed scope of work is as follows:

  • Ascertain the ‘NTPC’s requirements carry out detailed survey of the area and make out conceptual plans for various alternatives as required by the NTPC, keeping in view the topographical features and functional needs of the location with respect to the buildings if any already existing at site, utilities etc.
  • To make out preliminary estimates for the various alternatives based on plinth area rate or other acceptable basis of the rates.
  • Freeze the conceptual plan as finally decided by the NTPC and obtain Administrative approval and Expenditure Sanction from the NTPC for the Estimated Cost of the works and PMC/PMEC ’s fee, with Goods & Service Tax payable thereon at the stage of preparation of Detailed Estimates based on Detailed Designs and Drawings.
  • Carry out detailed Soil testing including Geo-technical investigation to ascertain the safe bearing capacity for design of foundation of embankment, bridges, buildings and other structures.
  • Carry out architectural design of the buildings keeping in view the need to harmonise with the landscape and other architectural features of the buildings, if any, already existing in the area.
  • Carry out Detailed Designs and Drawings for actual execution of the Work and obtain the approval of the NTPC.
  • Prepare a Detailed Estimate with items based to the extent possible on Standard Schedule of Rates such as that of CPWD duly escalated by Cost Index to reflect the current day cost and balance as Non Scheduled items. The Estimate will cover Civil Engineering Works, Electrical Engineering Works, S&T Engineering works, other Engineering Works and Special installation like lifts generator and other equipments.
  • Detailed Estimate shall be prepared to reflect the likely Current Cost of the complete works and NTPCs approval taken for the same which includes preparation of detailed specifications, tender schedule & tender documents for Civil, Electrical, S&T, other Engineering and Specialized works. The Bill of Quantities shall be based on the Detailed Estimates as approved by the NTPC. Wherever required by the NTPC, Prequalification of Tenderers shall be done. Otherwise, two Packet system shall be adopted with evaluation of Technical Bid including Check of Satisfaction of Qualification Criteria done first and Financial Bids of only those Tenderers whose Technical Bids are considered acceptable opened. In all cases, NTPC’s approval for Tender Documents shall be obtained by the PMC/PMEC .

NTPC shall finalize the Tender adopting ‘RITES’ procedure, after determining the reasonable cost of works based on market rate analysis of major items, duly associating a representative of the NTPC as a member of the Tender Committee. Take the approval of the NTPC for engagement of the selected Contractor and the Contract Documents to be adopted. Take Revised Sanction for Expenditure from the NTPC if the Contract Value along with RITES’ Fees including Service Tax, all enhanced by 10%, exceeds the Sanction for Expenditures taken under Article 2.5.

The consultants are required to take single point responsibility for supervision in and execution of the proposed works by deployment of adequate technical and supporting staff at various sites of works apart from liaisoning with Local Authorities/departments/Railways for approval of plan/drawings and services and for issue of “Completion” / No-objection” Certificate for occupation of the works on completion, if required also Assist the NTPC in obtaining the necessary clearance from the Agencies/Departments/Local Bodies concerned for the occupation of the Completed works, and eventually submit the periodic Progress Reports in the format and periodicity as stipulated by the NTPC. Assessing, planning and arranging to procure materials, if required as per the works Contract Conditions.

The scope of work of the Consultants also include coordinating with main and sub-contractors and rendering technical advice, Holding periodic Progress Meetings and sorting out problems arising if any due to action or inaction of the NTPC and/or the PMC/PMEC, provide adequate supervising personnel in the field to coordinate, control, supervise, inspect, liaise and report on the works at site, keeping a close watch on Deviations by way of Extra items, Substituted items and Deviations in quantities of Schedule items. Fixation of Rates for items/quantities covered by Deviation orders adopting RITES procedure. NTPC to be kept advised of the Deviation orders and rates as fixed. In cases where the NTPC desires omission or substitution of any Bill of Quantity item, check if this is likely to lead to vitiation of Contract and if so draw the attention of the NTPC to the same and take his specific approval for the omissions/substitutions. NTPCs Revised Expenditure Sanction to be taken by the PMC/PMEC whenever found necessary, and ensure that the construction is being carried out in accordance with the approved working designs, drawings and specifications and as per programme laid down in the works contract Agreement.

The Consultant shall also ensure quality control of the Work including materials and workmanship, certify measurement of work executed, and make progressive payments based on physical realization/completion of works, as per approved procedure and schedule of payments to Contractors, sanction of Extension of Time to the Contractor for completion of Works, with or without Liquidated Damages, subject to keeping the NTPC advised of the same with full details including the effect on ‘completion cost of works, if any and the Credit to the Cost of the Works all Liquidated and other damages levied on the Works Contractors.

Consultant is reponsible for Complete administration and management of Contract with the Works Contractor till expiry of the maintenance period and payment of final dues to the Contractor including collect and deliver to the NTPC, Guarantee Bonds executed by the Contractor for Specialized items of Works such as Waterproofing of structures, Termite Proofing of Structures etc which involve maintenance period extending well beyond the normal maintenance period of structures. Collect and deliver to the NTPC, Insurance Policies, if any, of Works still current at the time of handing over of works and getting defects if any rectified by the contractor during the ‘Defect Liability Period’. which shall be 12 months from the date of work completion.

The estimated cost towards construction of the above scope of work is Rs.5.502 Crore the break up of which is as under:

  • Earthwork in formation: Rs.1,37,50,000/-
  • Bridge Work, Drain work and Protection Work: Rs.2,30,00,000/-
  • P-Way Work except supply of Rails and PSC sleeper: Rs.1,52,70,000/-
  • S&T Works: Rs.30,00,000/-

PMC/PMEC’s Remuneration: PMC/PMEC ’s remuneration would be at 8.5% for PMC on the total of the final Built up cost fully to be borne by the NTPC. The fee payable will be initially calculated on the basis of the Cost of Work as per Detailed Estimate as sanctioned. Later on it shall be adjusted on the basis of Works Contract Cost.

Rs.5.502 Crore Built-up cost of the project includes the cost of following:-

Civil works: Earthwork in formation, Bridgework, Drain Work, Concreting for Ballast less track, Protection and Misc Work. Permanent-way work (Excluding the cost of Rails & PSC Sleepers), S&T Work etc.


The PMC/PMEC shall submit an overall Project Schedule in the form of a Network on time scale highlighting all major milestones of the Project. This shall be approved by the NTPC and would form the basis for monitoring as well as dovetailing function schedules. The PMC/PMEC shall update this document once in every quarter and submit to the NTPC.

Monthly reports will be sent by the PMC/PMEC to the NTPC so as to reach him by seventh of the next month as per format to be mutually agreed to.

Review meetings to be organized by the NTPC will be held every month either at site or at the NTPC’s office as decided by the NTPC and the PMC/PMEC.


The PMC/PMEC shall follow the Tendering Procedure including Calling of Tenders, Tender Documentation, Evaluation and execution of Contract Agreement with the successful Tenderer, adopting that laid down by the PMC/PMEC for similar works, as approved by the NTPC, with or without modifications as decided jointly by the NTPC and the PMC/PMEC .

The PMC/PMEC shall be responsible for due compliance of all procedural requirements as advised by the NTPC.


The PMC/PMEC shall complete all items of work within 15 months from the date the NTPC intimates, in writing, the availability of land free from encroachments and Local Bodies approval for the use of the land for the purpose proposed by the NTPC.

The PMC/PMEC shall furnish to the NTPC a detailed time-schedule for getting the works executed, after finalization of the Detailed Estimate based on Detailed Designs and Drawings.

The PMC/PMEC shall make all efforts to get the works executed as per the time schedule finalized in Consultation with the NTPC.


The PMC/PMEC s shall be liable for consequences of errors and omissions arising out of gross negligence on their part or on the part of their employees and shall take necessary action to remedy the defects and deficiencies arising from said negligence.

The PMC/PMEC shall discharge their obligations under this Agreement in accordance with the agreed time schedule and with due care, diligence and competence generally as stipulated under “Scope of Work”.

PAYMENT TERMS: NTPC shall release interest free advances @ 10% of the fees Payable towards mobilization of resources at site on fulfillment of following conditions:

Unconditional acceptance of letter of award.

Submission of unconditional Bank Guarantees of equivalent amount initially valid up to 3 months after the completion period from NTPC listed bank which shall be extended by PMC from time to time as required by NTPC. The bank guarantee so submitted shall be reduced proportionate to the advance recovered from their fees once in every six months. The advance will be recovered @ 10% of amount due as fee from their fee bills submitted to NTPC till such time the advance stands fully recovered.

Submission of detailed Project Schedule (PERT) conforming to the completion schedule as brought out at para 10.0 (b) later & its approval by NTPC.

In addition to above, NTPC shall release following advance to PMC for the Direct Cost portion:

Monthly advance towards cost of execution of work and procurement of materials in accordance with the agreed fund flow chart. This advance shall be released against furnishing an Indemnity Bond by PMC/PMEC. The advance for procurement of materials shall be released to PMC/PMEC in stages depending upon the procurement schedule along with submission of demand after order finalization on the suppliers/Contractors.

The first installment shall be released against PMC/PMEC’s requisition. However, the subsequent amounts shall be released against submission of statement of accounts for expenses incurred from the advance amount released in the previous months supported by trial balance for the month, certified copies of relevant documents in support of expenses incurred by PMC/PMEC in that month.

In addition, PMC/PMEC shall arrange to furnish indemnity bond through the deployed contractors against owner issue materials, if any, in a proforma acceptable to NTPC.

Terms of payment for direct cost & Fees:

All materials to be used for works under contract shall be procured and paid by PMC/PMEC on behalf of NTPC, out of the advance amounts received by them as brought out above.

Any payment to the Contractors shall be released by PMC/PMEC directly. For this purpose PMC/PMEC shall furnish work execution statement to the Engineer-in charge. The Owner (Engineer-in-charge) reserves the right of periodical checks/audit of bills (quarterly) and in case discrepancies/deficiencies, if any, are identified by the Owner, PMC/PMEC shall make good the same under advice to the Owner. However, in case of final payment, all regularization/reconciliation shall be done prior to release of payment.

All claims towards direct costs shall be made by PMC/PMEC on the basis of actual payments made by them towards procurement of materials and execution of work.

On completion of works, materials charged to the direct cost but not consumed for the works, whether serviceable or unserviceable or scrap or surplus shall be handed over to NTPC or disposed off in consultation with NTPC and necessary credit shall be given to NTPC.

At the end of each month from the date of award of contract, PMC/PMEC shall submit a statement of accounts in formats to be approved by NTPC, setting forth therein all costs incurred by them during that month for procurement of materials and execution of work. Along with the above statements, PMC/PMEC shall also submit the invoice for fee. The fees shall be released by NTPC upon certification by Engineer-in-charge.

From every invoice/bill of PMC/PMEC, claiming fees NTPC shall withhold 10% of the amount of fees claimed as Retention Money. This retention money shall become due and payable to the PMC/PMEC on the expiry of 15 months after completion of works at site in all respects (including removal of construction sheds etc.) and after obtaining the completion certificate from NTPC’s Engineer-in-charge. However, if PMC desires, retention money shall be released on half-yearly basis against submission of a bank guarantee of equivalent amount as per the format prescribed by NTPC valid till 15 months beyond completion of entire works under the contract.

All the statements of accounts and invoice / bills shall be submitted by the PMC in ‘triplicate’ to the respective Engineer-in-charge at site and same shall be supported by relevant documents/vouchers etc.


PMC/PMEC shall maintain regular records and accounts of all expenses incurred by him with respect to the direct cost of works under award. All these accounts shall be maintained in formats acceptable to NTPC and shall be subject to inspection and admittance by the engineer-in-charge and his duly appointed finance representatives. PMC/PMEC shall depute their own internal auditors from their head office to audit these accounts, at their own expenses, at regular intervals of time and shall also arrange for audit by the statutory auditing authorities.

On successful completion of work at the site and on physical handing over of the Railway Siding System to NTPC, PMC/PMEC shall prepare and submit to NTPC the closing accounts duly approved by NTPC and other concerned authorities.