NWR official caught red-handed taking bribe

जयपुर Jaipur (JP): The anti-corruption bureau (ACB) on Tuesday arrested an office superintendent at DRM office, Jaipur after he was allegedly caught red-handed taking a bribe of Rs 20,000. The accused employee was taking the bribe to renew a parking contract.

According to ACB officials, one Satish Yadav registered a complaint with the agency saying that office superintendent Heerlal Agrawal, deputed in DRM/Jaipur’s office, was demanding bribe from him. “Yadav said that he has a vehicle parking contract in seat reservation area and parking area at Alwar railway station. The parking work was looked after by his brother Jagdish Yadav,” said the officer.

He added that the contract of parking at parking area was for three years between 2010 and 2013, while the same for seat reservation area had ended in March 2014, but the contract was extended till September 2014.

“To tender the contract again for seat reservation area and to give back the security deposit for the earlier contract, Heeralal was demanding Rs 20,000 bribe,” said the officer.

After verifying the complaint, ACB team laid a trap. “Heeralal called Yadav to a place in front of SMS Hospital where he was caught red-handed. He has been booked under sections of Prevention of Corruption Act. Further investigation is going on,” said the officer.