Odisha provides 4376 Acres of Private Land to ECoR for 5 Railway projects

BHUBANESWAR: Commerce and transport minister Ramesh Chandra Majhi on Saturday informed the house that the state government has provided 4,376 acres of private land to the East Coast Railway (ECoR) for the execution of main five big railway projects in the state.

These are four new railway lines – Khurda Road -Bolangir, Paradip-Haridaspur, Angul-Sukinda and Talcher-Bimalagarh, and Sambalpur-Talcher doubling.

According to the official information, the state has handed over 1411.8 acres of private land for the 289-km-long Khurda Road-Bolangir project out of 6281.6 acres of land requisitioned for the project. This year, the Centre has sanctioned Rs 700 crore for this project which was sanctioned in 1996-97. But the railway has completed only 54 km from Khurda Road side. It has not completed the first patch of 19 km from Bolangir due to delay in land acquisition. Target of the project is March 2021.

State also provided 1204.4 acres for Angul-Sukinda project (104 km) out of the total 1229.9 acres. This new line was sanctioned in 1997-98, but it is yet to be completed. Only 60 per cent of earth work of the project is completed. It will still take one more years to complete the project by June 2018.

Haridaspur-Paradip (82 km) project got 1471.3 acres of private land. This significant project was sanctioned in 1996-97. Only 75 per cent of the work has been completed till date. Railways sources said the project will be completed by March 2018.

Talcher-Bimalagarh (154 km) new line project got 264.2 acres of private land out of 700 acres. It was sanctioned in 2004-05 in order to reduce the distance between Bhubaneswar-Rourkela to 308 km (now it is 440 km) enabling one to travel between Bhubaneswar and Rourkela within 5-6 hours. But this project is just started. Target of the project is March 2021.

The fifth one, Sambalpur-Talcher (174 km) doubling project, got 23.9 acres out of 112.4 acres requisitioned for this. Work of the double line sanctioned in 2010-11 is just started. The railway has set a target to complete it in March 2020.

The state government is conducting social impact assessment (SIA) study for 3407.7 acres of land for Khurda Road-Bolangir project, 241.3 acres of Talcher-Bimalagarh line, 47 acres of Paradip-Haridaspur new line, 25.4 acres of Angul-Sukinda line and 88.2 acres of Sambalpur-Talcher double line. SIA is a procedure to review the social effects of different infrastructure projects.

The minister said the state government has already provided advance possession of all the government lands coming under the five important projects. It is trying to hand over the forest land requisitioned for the projects to the ECoR in a phase-wise, he added.