Member Traffic reviews Rail traffic on NCR routes during his Allahabad Visit

ALLAHABAD: During his visit to the city on Wednesday, Member Traffic, Railway Board, Shri Devi Prasad Pandey held a meeting with the Officials of North Central Railway (NCR) to discuss the traffic scenario on the Railway routes coming under the NCR zonal jurisdiction.

Addressing the officials, Pandey said the need of the hour is to generate revenue in excess of the Railways’ known sources of income. Besides, in order to streamline ticket distribution system, there was need to install more and more automated ticket vending machines at small stations, he said.

He stressed on improving the quality of catering system of railways and said purchases in this connection should be made from reputed institutions only. The capacity of railway tracks should also be enhanced in future, he said.

Earlier, welcoming the officer, General manager, NCR, Shri Alok Johri said the zone is committed towards providing better facilities to passengers. He said traffic under NCR division would improve once work on construction of flyover at Tundla and automatic signalling at Allahabad-Mughalsarai route is completed.