OHE break down at Guraru on Mughal Sarai Division disrupts rail traffic

गुररऊ Guraru (GRRU): The rail movements were disrupted for four hours under Grand chord section on Howrah-New Delhi rail route on Wednesday.

Over Head Equipment (OHE) broke down at Guraru station which interrupted the power supply and halted trains for several hours.

Sources said,”OHE sheared on down track in the early morning and the rail movement was disrupted from 6 am to 10 am.

During this period, trains were halted at different stations. Train No. 12818 Anand Vihar –Ranchi (Hatia) Express at Guraru Station, Train No. 12176 Gwalior–Howra (Chambal Exp) at Rafiganj Station, Train No. 13308 Ludhiyana-Dhanbad (Ganga Satlaj exp) at Sonanagar Station, Train No. 12322 Mumbai-Howra mail at Anugrah Narayan Road Station, Train No. 12308 Jodhpur-Howrah express at Sasaram Station.

The breakdown made the  trains running late due to fog even more late to reach the destination.