Onset of Summer makes ECR beef up Track Safety

Patna: With the mercury rising, the Danapur division of East Central Railway (ECR) has stepped up summer safety measures. A foolproof plan has been chalked out to ensure safety on the tracks.  DRM/Danapur N K Gupta said vulnerable places, including bridges, have been identified to maintain the smooth run of passenger and goods trains either originating from or passing through the division during peak summer. “Extra alert is being maintained during the peak time of the day when the mercury is extremely high,” he said.

An action force has been created to patrol the tracks during the peak hours from 11am to 4pm. In case of detection of any fault in the tracks, the action force team reports the matter to the control room at the divisional HQ at Danapur. The repair work is started on the damaged tracks on a priority basis, Gupta said.  Track patrolling men have been put on alert. The Danapur control room is also keeping a close watch on vulnerable places, the DRM said. Surprise inspection has been initiated at different places under the five divisions of the zone during day and night to check safety preparedness.

The ECR CPRO said the zone is strictly following summer safety directives under the supervision of GM. Gangmen and keymen have been asked to remain vigilant while patrolling tracks, he said.  At least 260 passenger and 45 goods trains either originate from or pass through the division daily. A team of safety officials are constantly moving from one place to another to check any damage to tracks caused by excessive heat, sources said.  Train movement is adversely hit in summer due to buckling of tracks caused by excessive heat. Buckling often causes derailment of trains if preventive steps are not taken in time.