ORIDL floats GC tender for 275km Jagannathpur-Rairakhol and 78km Rajathagrah-Kaipadar new BG line construction

BHUBANESWAR: Odisha Rail Infrastructure Development Ltd (ORIDL) had floated two separate tenders for appointing the General Consultant (GC) for conducting the Aerial LiDAR Survey, preparation of Feasibility Study, Alignment Design, Detailed Project Report (DPR), Cost estimation and preparation of Land Plans and documents for land acquisition in connection with construction of new electrified BG Rail line for the 275 km Jagannathpur-Rairakhol and 78 km Rajathagarh-Kaipadar Road sections in the state of Odisha falling in the jurisdiction of East Coast Railway. ORIDL will be the employer and the consultancy firm will be providing services to ORIDL. The standards of output required from the appointed agency/firm are to be of the highest standards both in terms of quality and adherence to the agreed time schedule.

Reconnaissance Engineering and Traffic (RET) Survey for the project has already been conducted by East Coast Railway in the year 2013 with route length of 81.7 Km. ECoR has prepared a revised RET Survey report in the year 2018 changing the alignment to connect Kaipadar Road with Naraj Marthapur station instead of Rajathgarh station with a route length of 68.5 Km. The proposed alignments and location of stations have been indicated in the RET Survey reports. The consultant is required to examine both the RET survey reports and is expected to optimise the alignment and designs for achieving better economy in cost as well as time of construction.

The purpose of this GC consultancy is to study and start from what has already been reported in earlier reports of East Coast Railway as described, verify them including through fresh survey including fresh detailed topography survey using Aerial LiDAR Technology (with the help of helicopters/aircraft), collect the hydrological data and design the waterway of bridges, design the alignment and formation levels, carryout Final Location Survey, prepare GADs and Engineering Drawings for a new Railway corridor taking off from Rajathgarh/Naraj Marthapur station on Barang – Talcher route and joining at Kaipadar Road station on Howrah – Chennai route of East Coast Railway (AND) Jagannathpur station on Howrah – Chennai route and joining at Rairakhol station on Angul – Sambalpur route of East Coast Railway.

The GC is required to finalize the exact and optimum route length and track length under the scope of this contract and to conduct desk study of earlier survey reports, railway alignments, data, drawings and plotting the earlier alignments including suitable and alternate connections with at either end in consultation with ORIDL and ECoR on Google Earth/KMZ format and broadly checking whether the route selected earlier is the best one and prepare other possible alternatives for decision. It is also the responsibility of GC to study the proposed serving stations, identification of locations for bridges, cross-drainage structures, level crossings / ROB / RUB and marking of high tension/low tension wire and any road crossing etc. Aerial LiDAR survey (using Helicopter/aircraft) with horizontal & vertical ground control network along the proposed / possible alignments to establish X, Y, Z co-ordinates along alignment and taking coordinates of stations, yards etc., as may be required for the purpose of setting out and construction of the proposed railway corridor and to design the alignment with a Ruling Gradient of 1 in 100 (compensated).

Apart from various high level scope of works and services, the GC shall also be liable to execute the Scanning, Digitization, Geo-referencing (w.r.t WGS-84 co-ordinate system) of Survey of India (SOI) topo maps/Geological maps/forest maps/revenue maps etc. and their use in design of the alignment for identification of environmentally/geologically sensitive areas and for preparation of land acquisition/forest clearances plans as per direction of Engineer. The Consultant shall procure, collect and use the relevant maps from the concerned agencies.

Along with the tender, the tenderer is required to submit a broad methodology of execution of works to fulfil the scope of work. On award of the work, the consultant will be required to submit a detailed methodology of execution of work for the approval of the Engineer. Immediately on award of contract, the consultant will be required to depute their senior Personnel for discussion with ORIDL officials as regards the modalities of taking up the field work. On finalizing the modalities, the field teams shall be deployed to the work sites.

During the survey/field work, the contractor has to carry out the work in close coordination with the employer’s personnel and various agencies/various departments in Govt. of Odisha & Railways. The survey reference points shall be taken over from the concerned department in Railways /Survey of India/Govt of Odisha.

The survey work shall be done by competent and experienced surveyors well versed in surveying and shall be done in best professional manner. The consultant shall be responsible for the accuracy of the same.

It shall be the responsibility of the consultant to ensure that all the survey instruments deployed for the survey work are periodically calibrated and if required the necessary calibration certificates shall be furnished to ORIDL.

Sequence of Operations for using LiDAR Methodology

  • Paper & Alternative Study , FSR ( Feasibility Study Report) etc
  • Application For Using LiDAR Technology to DGCA , For Aerial Survey Permit.
  • Reconnaissance Survey/GTS bench mark location
  • LiDAR Data Acquired by Aerial Survey / GCP Collection.
  • LiDAR Data including LiDAR Point Cloud colorization & Classification / GCP Data Processing (including all deliverables )
  • Preparation of Draft Feasibility Report
  • Preparation of Final Feasibility Report In Consultation with ORIDL/ECoR/Stake holders.

However the Joint Venture is not permitted. Vendors like RITES, BARSYL, AARVEE, AECOM, GeoKno, SYSTRA, SMEC, JACOBS, RAMBOLL, EGIS Consulting etc are evincing interest to participate in the Bidding.