Overall efficiency shield for SWR’s Mysore Division

Performance is encouraging, but there is scope for improvement: Mittal

Mysore Division of South Western Railway has bagged the overall efficiency shield and was presented the award during the 58th Railway Week Celebrations of the South Western Railway headquarters held here on Thursday.

SWR General Manager Ashok Kumar Mital presented the shield to Divisional Railway Manager of Mysore Vinod Kumar and his team of officers at the celebrations held at Chalukya Railway Institute here.

Mr. Mital gave away a total of 19 General Manager’s efficiency shields and presented individual awards with meritorious certificates, cash awards and medals to 123 railway employees from the headquarters, the three railway divisions (Mysore, Hubli, Bangalore), workshops, diesel sheds and field staff.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Mital outlined the overall performance of South Western Railway during 2012–13. The performance of the zone, since its inception in 2003, has been encouraging, in all spheres, he said. Despite the problems of limited funds and manpower, the zone has performed well, but there is still scope for improvement.

Mr. Mital also lauded the awardees for their efforts in improving the performance of the zone.

He presented the General Manager’s Scholarship Awards under the banner of women’s empowerment under the Central Staff Benefit Fund (CSBF) Scheme to girl students of the Railway High School.

The GM’s Award for women of the year were presented to Gujiri Namita Rani, Office Superintendent, Safety Department, SWR Headquarters, and Devamma, Track Woman of Mysore Division.

Chief Personnel Officer of SWR Hari Krishnan welcomed the gathering. Senior railway officials Sanjeeb Halder, U. Krishna Murthy, M. Ramachandran, Adesh Sharma, S. Lakshmi Narayana, B.N. Annigeri, O.B. Khare and Vikrant Kalra were present.


The Mysore Division won the overall efficiency shield; efficiency shields of accounts, electrical, medical, security, the inter-division safety and ‘Rajbhasha’ rolling shields. It also shared the efficiency shields for commercial and operating with the Hubli Division.

The Bangalore division bagged the efficiency shields for engineering, mechanical and personnel.