Paiwang to stress on railway projects and helipads

DIMAPUR: 25 March – Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, P. Paiwang Konyak declared that he would spend more time and emphasize on railway projects and helipads in the state.

He said this while addressing the transport department officials, Monday during his maiden visit after taking over as the parliamentary secretary of the department.

Expressing regret that “very less” money has been allotted to Nagaland for railway projects, Konyak said that as long the party leader exude confidence in him, he would concentrate more on railway projects.

For this, he sought cooperation for the public, NGOs, Hohos. Calling upon the departmental officers to work with close coordination and understanding”, Konyak said “As long as we coordinate and work together and know each other personally, we can club up together and work for the upliftment of the Nagas”.

Acknowledging the department’s officers of having vast experiences in the departmental activities, the parliamentary secretary also sought their advice and added that he would look forward to their cooperation to work, together, more efficiently.

Sharing his views and plans, Konyak said he would visit all the sub-stations and districts and all the working places of the departments, analyze and have consultations with the department so that positive conclusions were drawn.

Asking the staff to cooperate with him, the young legislator said “I have to run around much and see to the ground realities.

You have the wisdom and I have the vigour and strength, so let us all work together from this moment this minute, from this day and ask God for His Blessings”.

The parliamentary secretary while hinting that he valued prestige, honour and respect more than money, admitted money was needed by everyone however maintained that it should not be compromised with the prestige and honour.

Konyak meanwhile requested the general manager to arrange an office room at Dimapur so that he could be accessible and also get acquainted with his staff in the district.