Pakistan Railway retains its land from Encroachers in Lahore Cantonment

LAHORE: The Pakistan Railways got 21-marla land vacated from grabbers on Saturday

The market value of the retrieved land near Cantonment station has been estimated at Rs21 million.  According to a spokesman, the PR Directorate of Property and Land is supervising the campaign launched by the railway police on Feb 1 last year.
illegal_11Lahore Cantonment, also known as Lahore Cantt, is located in the eastern part of Lahore, Pakistan. It is an open, green place compared to the rest of the Lahore. Pakistan’s army has maintained its setup in Lahore by deploying two of its divisions in Lahore Cantonment, namely the 10th and 11th Divisions. The Headquarters of 4 Corps and the Allama Iqbal International Airport are also located in the Lahore Cantonment. Lahore cantt contains many famous institutions like garrison academy, beacon house,e.t.c.
The most famous of the cantonment’s public spaces is Fortress Stadium, which contains a big market a theme park and a stadium used for various activities.

Real Estate value of Cantt

Cantt is regarded as a posh and expensive locality in Lahore. The houses here are constructed in British style with front yard, backyard, driveway and separate servant quarters. Since Cantt is primarily an army maintained area, the locality holds a calm and peaceful ambiance that is typical to the army dwellings. With centuries old and evergreen trees, Cantt is truly the greenest part of Lahore. The mentioned facts mount the value of property in Cantt, Lahore. As of April 2013, the average value of a 1 Kanal house in Cantt (as recorded by is PKR 25 million.