Panchkula side of Chandigarh railway station in a mess

Chandigarh (CDG): The second entry to Chandigarh railway station from Panchkula, which was created to facilitate local residents, is in a state of mess and instead of helping people, it was creating problems.

This side of the railway station does not have proper toilets, sheds, chairs, canteen, and escalators for elderly and the handicapped.

Citizens Welfare Association president S K Nayar, said, “There are no basic facilities like toilets and seating arrangements for passengers or visitors.”

Rahul Negi, 28, a resident of Sector 12 A and a regular train passenger, said, “If they are making it a railway station, they must provide facilities to passengers. We only face trouble here.”

Panchkula MLA Gian Chand Gupta had also written a letter to former railway minister P K Bansal to provide basic facilities to the railway station. However, the railways have no plans to upgrade or improve the section.

Ambala divisional railway manager A K Kathpal said, “The Panchkula portion is the second entry for Chandigarh railway station, where such kind of facilities cannot be provided right now. There is no plan also for the development of this area.”

Gupta said, “The situation is very bad on the Panchkula side of the railway station. It must be given facilities like Chandigarh railway station as it is the first entry for Panchkula residents.”

A city like Panchkula deserves better facilities at the railway station. It hardly has any at the moment. There is no canteen atleast for children. What’s more, there is not even a toilet this side, says the resident frequent travellers.