Paradip Port to develop Rail Siding & build Warehouse at Balijhara on DBFOT basis to handle finished Fertilizers

Paradeep (PRDP): Paradip Port, in order to cater to the future growth in traffic, has decided to undertake Development of Railway Siding and Construction of Warehouse at Balijhara, Paradip Port for handling Finished Fertilizers, through Public Private Participation (“PPP”) on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (“DBFOT”) basis for an Optimal Capacity (in MT per Annum) of 2.5 MT at an estimated project cost of Rs.71.66 Crores.  Approximately 15 Bidders are in the race to respond to the RFP floated by Paradip Port Trust during January, 2015 which was extended for submission on 18th May, 2015.  The process is intended to carry out the bidding process for selection of the bidder to whom the Project is to be awarded.

The successful Bidder will be announced by the Paradeep Port Trust after completion of the bidding process in terms of Technical and Financial Bids evaluated by the Tender Committee.  The Tender Committee will examine the technical capacity, financial capacity, O&M capabilities of the Bidders and submit its recommendations/proceedings for acceptance of the Competent Authorities.  The successful Bidder may be awarded Concession by Authority to implement the Project shortly.

The Concessionaire shall be responsible for the design, engineering, financing, procurement, implementation commissioning, operation, management and maintenance of the Project under the Concession Agreement (CA) to be executed by the Concessionaire and the Authority.

The scope of work will broadly include construction, designing, engineering, financing, procurement, implementation, commissioning, operation, management and maintenance of Warehouse & Railway Siding for handling finished fertilizers also also increase the import traffic of finished fertilizers for defined concession period.

The Concessionaire shall be entitled to levy and charge a pre-determined user fee from users of the Project.