Passengers – Beware of ‘Death Traps’ on Station Platforms in Mumbai Suburban routes!

Actor dressed-up as “Yamraj” during Railway Commuter Safety – a Striking Coincidence!


मुंबई Mumbai:  Railway Commuter Safety Activity is being observed in Mumbai.  An actor is dressed-up as ‘Yamraj’ and  poses for the media at Churchgate station in South Mumbai on 29th January 2014.

In Hinduism, Yamraj is the God of Death.

While getting into a train at Dadar station, a passenger falls into the gap between train and platform and lands on the track. He is injured. A young man rushes to the injured man and asks the police on platform to help him. And they reply that it is not their duty and then they walk away. The young man – all by himself – lifts the injured man and takes him to the hospital.

On all platforms in the Central and Western Railways, policemen are posted. What they do appears to be precious little. They have decided what their ‘duty’ is. It is now known that if a man falls and is injured, the police do not consider it their duty to help him. We see the men and women of the Railway Police Force sitting around at stations and doing nothing. They claim they are there for ensuring security. Occasionally, they check a bundle a poor old man is carrying. They are evidently bored because they have precious little to do.

The railways have not taken any action with regard to the closing of those ‘death traps’ that exist on the platform. All that has to be done is to raise the platform and close that wide gap. They insist they are going to do that job. They have repeatedly ensured that the big gaps will be closed.

The decision to raise the platform was taken over six months ago. There have been some statements in this regard. There is, however, no sign of any progress made. It is evident that the plan is still on paper. And it is going to remain there for a long time.

The management is perhaps to blame for the pathetic situation existing at railway stations. It should have laid down rules and indicated what the duties of police force were.

They have not bothered to do this. As it is, keeping the police force at stations is only a waste of time and money. What is to be noted is the police have precious little to do about security also. They can be used better where security is really needed.