Patch doubling of Konkan Railway route on the anvil: CPRO/KRCL Siddheshwar Telugu

Mumbai: Konkan Railway will kick-off its grand silver jubilee year celebrations from October 15, by undertaking a number of projects including doubling of the track on the Konkan Railway route in patches, converting Margao station into zero waste station, up-gradation of passenger amenities in stations including Tivim, Sawantwadi, Kankavali and Ratnagiri, and enhancing security at its stations by way of installation of CCTV cameras.

Konkan Railway, a zonal railway of the country, with its jurisdiction running from Roha in Maharashtra to Thokur in Karnataka, covering a distance of 740 kms, presently runs 45 trains per day, catering to 45 lakh passengers on a daily basis.

Stating that Konkan Railway is keen to run cargo trains as major revenue often comes through the goods trains, Chief Public Relations Officer of Konkan Railway Siddheshwar Telugu, addressing a press conference on Wednesday, in commemoration of the ongoing Rail Passenger and Customer Facilitation Fortnight said that the Konkan Railway will undertake ‘patch doubling’ for its route as entire track cannot be widened due to existence of a number of tunnels, unfavourable soil conditions and problems related to acquisition of land for the same. “For example, clear areas like that from Margao to Verna in Goa are fit for expansion of the existing railway track,” he added, pointing out that Konkan Railway will have to spend Rs 800 to Rs 900 crore from its own resources, for the particular project.

Speaking further, Telugu said that Margao station will be converted into zero waste station through collection of garbage, installations of compost plant and so on. “The Margao station is also a part of our project related to the silver jubilee year celebrations, wherein it will have widening and heightening of the platforms, installation of escalators, travelators and fire-fighting equipments, provision of foot over-bridges, introducing wi-fi services, undertaking civil service activities, and facilities like bio-toilers,” he informed, maintaining that electrification for Konkan Railway stations and improvement in the staff quarters are also on the anvil.

“Furthermore, we will be improving catering service for the passengers of Konkan Railway on the lines of Mandovi Express and Konkan Kanya Express, which serve delectable dishes,” chief public relations officer of Konkan Railway said, adding that Konkan railway has also undertaken safety campaign, and carried out geo-safety works in view of the forthcoming monsoon. “Till date, Konkan Railway has spent around Rs 300 crore on such works so that incidents like landslide are prevented during rains,” he noted.

Replying to a question, Telugu said that the crime rate in trains run by Konkan Railway is much low as compared to that in other zonal railways in the country. He also stated that during last 5 years, there were hardly 2 to 3 accidents involving Konkan Railway and they had taken place due to the fault of machinery or components, and not due to human error. KR communication officer Baban Ghatge was also present on the occasion