Patna blasts: how bombs were planted at the Railway Station

Patna:  Two days after a string of blasts struck Patna, investigators have pieced together the sequence of events at the railway station, where the first blast took place.

Sources say that two men, Ainul alias Tarique and Imtiaz alias Kalimuddin Ansari, who have been arrested in connection with the blast at railway station, have told investigators that they were assembling bombs inside the toilet near platform number 10 when suddenly a man’s phone rang in the adjoining toilet. This made them nervous, sources said, adding that the duo hurriedly left one of the bombs in a cistern.

But the bomb exploded, injuring Ainul; Kalimuddin tried to run away leaving behind some bomb material and an explosive-laden bag but was caught by policemen patrolling the railway station.

Sources also say that a total of 18 bombs were planted in Patna by six alleged Indian Mujahideen men ahead of Mr Modi’s rally. Seven exploded on Sunday, the rest have been defused or detonated by the bomb squads.

Six people were killed and 83 injured in the explosions ahead of Mr Modi’s rally.

The National Investigating Agency, which probes terror attacks, has taken over the case.

The Bihar Police has blamed terror group Indian Mujahideen, though the group has not claimed responsibility.

One of the six bombs that exploded at Gandhi Maidan, exploded just 150 feet from the stage where Mr Modi and other BJP leaders appeared.

Three more bombs were found in the park today, despite it being cordoned off for inspection by forensic and other experts.

At least one of these bombs was very powerful, a senior policeman said.

One bomb was found this morning and detonated under the supervision of commandos from the National Security Guard or NSG