Pawan Kr Bansal inaugurates UIC Global Signalling & Telecom Conference on ‘Modern Control & Command Signalling System’

The Minister of Railways, Government of India, Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal inaugurated UIC 3rd Global Signalling & Telecom Conference on ‘Modern Control and Command Signalling System’ here today. The 3-day Conference is being organized by UIC (the International Union of Railways) in association with Indian Railways and RailTel Corporation of India Ltd, a Telecom PSU of Indian Railways. Also s2013032146179present among others on the occasion were Chairman Railway Board, Shri Vinay Mittal, Member Electrical, Railway Board, Shri Kul Bhushan, Addl. Member (Signal), Railway Board, Shri M. Suresh, Addl. Member Telecom, Railway Board, Shri Shri P.K. Srivastava, Director General, UIC, Mr. Jean-Piere Loubinoux and CMD, Railtel Corporation of India, Shri R.K.Bahaguna.

In his inaugural address, Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal said that Railway is the most efficient, cost effective and environment friendly mode of transport and is the most preferred one rightly hailed as engine of growth. Shri Bansal said that Indian Railways is taking constant efforts to ensure safety in train operations and wishes to achieve zero accident scenario using most modern and efficient technologies. Under the modernization plan for assets and with a view to improve line capacity and enhance safety in train operations, Indian Railways have adopted modern Signalling and Telecom solutions like complete track circuiting of station yard, centralized operation of signalling system, automated block proving system by the adoption of Block Proving through axle counter, adoption of automatic block signalling and Intermediate Block Signalling on high density routes. This has resulted into increased safety and line capacity, the Minister pointed out.

Shri Bansal said that Indian Railways has been working to identify suitable technologies to be installed onboard to provide protection against ‘Signal Passed at Danger’ and over-speeding. With more and more emphasis on higher speeds and introduction on new trains including freight trains, Indian Railways is facing capacity constraint on many sections of the rail network. Hence, Indian Railways have to find new solutions to increase line capacity by using modern and cost effective technologies, Shri Bansal said. During extreme winters the northern part of the country is affected by dense fog resulting in very poor visibility affecting train operations and running trains safely becomes a very challenging task and the experts have to find reliable and cost effective technology for such situations, the Minister added.

The Railways Minister further said that Signalling system ensures movement of trains on the same track in a safe manner. Control Command Signalling and Radio Communication, is a system that uses Telecommunication between train and track for Traffic management. The system would indicate exact position of a train more accurately resulting into better utilization of line capacity. The main objective of this system is to increase capacity by safely reducing the headway between the trains. He said that Radio Communication technology is used as a means of track- to- train information exchange. With the scarce availability of frequency spectrum, optimum utilization of frequency with adequate safety protocols should be planned and this conference will deliberate on this important issue, he added.

Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal appreciated UIC for organizing this International Conference and providing a platform for professionals of Indian Railways to interact with experts from developed Railways system across the world and gain the necessary knowledge to work towards making our rail network a modern, efficient and safe network. He hoped that Technical papers would enrich railway professionals participating in the conference deliberations and to decide the course of action in selecting technology best suited for Indian conditions.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of State for Railways Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said that Signalling & Telecommunication Engineering in its entirety provides for a whole range of technologies to provide cost effective solutions in enhancing Safety and increasing the Line Capacity. He said that Signalling and Telecom is an important input in the train operations and India should not leg behind in adopting the most modern Signalling and Telecom systems. It is necessary to revamp our Telecom and Signalling system using most reliable and efficient technology and infuse necessary funds for that purpose.

Addressing the gathering, Chairman, Railway Board, Shri Vinay Mittal said that the Indian Railways has one of the largest Railway network in the world under single administration and is the life line of the country. It plays a dominant role in the economy of the country, and has plans to upgrade its network with an aim to provide better and efficient and cost effective services. In Railway’s, Signal & Telecom system plays an important role in safety enhancement and line capacity improvement. He said that over the years, Indian Railway has initiated number of steps to modernize its signaling and telecom systems by progressively providing route relay/panel/electronic interlocking along with multi aspect colour light signaling system. He further said that participants in the conference through participative discussions shall benefit immensely and will be able to grasp finer points required during the selection of right kind of technology and ways and means to develop desired competence.

In his address, Member Electrical, Railway Board, Shri Kul Bhushan said that the Indian Railways is having a determined vision to modernize its infrastructure their infrastructure, by induction of state-of-art and user friendly technologies, with a view to bring in radical improvements in line capacity, safety and efficiency. He said that Signalling & Telecommunication Engineering provides for a whole range of technologies to provide cost effective solutions in enhancing Safety and Line Capacity and disseminating train running information to passengers so as to make their journey safe, comfortable and convenient. It is a good opportunity for all S&T professionals of Indian Railways to get a platform in the UIC conference to learn and get acquainted with the latest available technologies, he said.

The three day conference is devoting three technical sessions on telecom Subject and four technical sessions on signalling subject. The telecom sessions are namely: “Railways Radio Communications Status in Asia Pacific and European Region”, “Radio Solutions for Communication based Signalling Systems – Requirements – IP Migration” and “Future Railways Mobile Telecommunication Systems Solutions”. The four signalling sessions are namely : “Train control systems in Asia, America, Australia and Europe – converging Requirements”, “Routing, Train Detection and Track-side Signalling Requirements and Developments”, “Requirements for New Technologies of Train Positioning and Train Detection” and “The Industry Vision – the Evolution of CCS supply in a World-wide Market”.