People will hesitate to litter clean station – E Sreedharan

At the 58th Railway Week, former Delhi Metro Rail Corporation chief E. Sreedharan spoke from experience

In a city where residents combat an ever-increasing amount of litter in public places, solutions are hard to come by.

Former Delhi Metro Rail Corporation chief E. Sreedharan said, from his experience in Delhi Metro he had observed people may not deface or litter the station if it is maintained well.

“People will be reluctant to litter any station or even trains if they are clean. They will begin to respect it instead of defacing it,” he said.

Speaking at the 58 Railway Week function, he said one should be indifferent to success or failure in work. “The joy lies in performing the duty to the benefit of others. Bhagavad Gita is an administrative gospel that gives guidance and teaches how to perform one’s duty and also not be attached to fruits of his action.”

At the event, general manager of Southern Railway, Rakesh Misra said Southern Railway earned Rs. 6036 crore and showed an overall growth of 7.7 per cent over the actuals of the preceding year.

“To improve the mobility of passengers, 22 pairs of new trains were introduced and 13 pairs were extended. Also, for the summer, we have already notified that we may run as many as 152 special trains,” he said.

In the wake of the train accident near Arakkonam, one-minute silence was observed as a mark of respect for the person who died in the accident.