Pimpalgaon Wakhaji Dam stuck for want of Railway permissions: allege VIDC

Bhusawal (BSL): The Pimpalgaon Wakhaji project, some 50km from the city, has the same story as other dams in Vidarbha. Though the delay here may be normal by VIDC standards, caused by the railways not giving permission for critical works for five years.

A minor project, it was planned to harness water from a natural lake to irrigate 915 hectares in 2004 at a cost pegged at Rs20 crore. By 2015, the cost has been revised to Rs48.60 crore. Here the canal intersects a railway line. A precast tunnel will be pushed below the railway line. A permission from the railways was sought in 2008 but there was no response till 2013. Finally, the work started only last year, said a VIDC source.

Meanwhile, the barrage which is supposed to have a minimum width of three metes appeared to be narrower, pointed out some of the contractors who were part of the visit. To this, a VIDC official said it could be because of lack of maintenance. The dam can be transferred to the maintenance wing only after it is complete. There was a similar scene at the 5.5km canal too.