Plan for foolproof fire safety for Hyderabad Metro Rail

The officials from the Hyderabad Metro Rail led by their managing director, NVS Reddy along with engineers from the L&T Metro Rail and architects met the director general of fire services SV Ramana Murthy on Monday regarding fire safety arrangements at the Metro Rail stations, depots and other buildings.

NVS Reddy as well as engineers of L&T have explained the DG, Fire Services about the fire protection, prevention, control and detection systems are being installed at Metro Rail stations and other buildings.

All the metro stations are being constructed as open stations to pave the way for smoke and heat dissipation. Platforms, stations, staircases etc, are designed for very quick evacuation even under fully loaded and crowded conditions.

Fare collection gates and other closed entries will automatically open up and will remain open in the event of a fire. Every station will have water sumps with one lakh litres capacity and pump rooms with sophisticated gadgets for fire control.

Fire suppression hydrants and hose reel systems will be located at both ends on each station. Use of high quality and fire retardant building materials, insulation of electrical wiring and instruments, built-in safety mechanisms, etc are also being undertaken.

Automatic fire detection and alarm systems, automatic sprinkler systems, portable fire extinguishers, gas separation systems etc. are being placed at strategic locations in all metro stations, depots and other buildings.

Placement of smoke detectors and heat detectors which will automatically activate the hooters and other public announcement systems for early warning and evacuation in  the event of fire are also being arranged for.

Responding to the request of DG, Fire Services after deliberations with HMR it was agreed to facilitate construction of dedicated fire service stations at Uppal and Miyapur depots. Fire Services department has agreed to constitute special teams for quick examination and fire safety clearance of metro stations, depots etc.

L&TMRHL managing director, VB Gadgil, director, Fire Services P Venkateshwar and other senior officers of Fire Services department also attended the meeting.