Plantation drive to mark 10 years of North Central Railway

ALLAHABAD : To commemorate completion of 10 years of North Central Railway zone, a comprehensive plantation drive was undertaken on Saturday. About 1,10,000 saplings were planted in the entire railway zone comprising of the divisions of Allahabad, Agra, and Jhansi.

The plantation drive was inaugurated by general manager of NCR, Alok Johri and president of North Central Railway Women Welfare Organization (NCRWWO), Chitrangada Johri. About 49,645 saplings were planted in Allahabad division, 40,000 saplings in Jhansi division, and 20,000 saplings in Agra division. In the plantation drive, saplings of neem, tamarind, mango, guava, and other trees were planted.

On the occasion, deputy chief engineer, Sunil Kumar Gupta showcased the process of flying of multi copter with inbuilt HD camera and GPS system. He also explained the process of clicking photographs and making video through this system and also carrying live images through this system.

Alok Johri lauded the functioning of the system and also discussed the possibilities of using this system for ensuring safety and security of the passengers in the trains. In the programme, the head of various departments of NCR, members of NCRWWO, and divisional railway manager of Allahabad division were present.