Power supply blips worry Rapid Metro Rail Gurgaon

Gurgaon (GGN): Power supply to Rapid Metro failed twice in two months, prompting the CEO of the private mass transit company to write to Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam.

According to the letter from Rapid Metro CEO Rajiv Banga, power supply from the Q block substation failed at 8.24 am on June 25 and resumed after over two hours at 10.45 am. During this period, operations were managed from a backup supply via an 11 kV line from the Sector 28 substation. But supply from this line also failed at 9.19 am and resumed at 9.34 am.

“Due to failure of supply from both sources, operations were completely shut down for about 43 minutes, out of which 20 minutes was exclusively on account of power supply. The shutdown of train services resulted in considerable inconvenience to passengers due to overcrowding at the stations,” Banga claimed in his letter.

On May 19, too, supply from both lines had failed between 12.04 pm and 12.25 pm. Rapid Metro has two independent 11 kV lines supplying electricity for its operations from the Q block and Sector 28 substations.

HVPN’s superintendent engineer Gulshan Nagpal claimed there was no trouble in the transmission system but it was a fault at a high-capacity substation run by Power Grid Corporation of India that had led to a brief disruption of supply. “There was a technical snag at the substation in Sector 72 apart from bad weather that affected supply to Rapid Metro. Our officials, however, were quick in responding to the situation and restored their line in about 10-15 minutes. We have asked our officials to ensure such disruptions do not occur in future,” Nagpal said.

Nagpal also said he had advised Rapid Metro to arrange for backup power since 11 kV lines are not reliable sources of supply for such operations.

A spokesperson for Rapid Metro said, “We have never faced any significant problems except the recent incident. Rapid Metro has two independent sources of power, which work as standby to each other. Going forward, we would be receiving power from 2 substations at a higher supply voltage of 66KV. This facility would cater to both Rapid Metro’s existing operations and its south extension.”