Prabhu flags off India’s first CNG-cum-diesel run Dual Fuel DEMU train

रेवाड़ी Rewari Jn (RE): Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today launched two trains from Rewari – one for Rohtak and another for Bikaner. The Rewari-Rohtak-Rewari passenger train was launched for the convenience of the commuters in the region.

Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu flagging off the first CNG-cum-Diesel Duel Fuel Train
Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu flagging off the first CNG-cum-Diesel Duel Fuel Train

The DEMU train will run on dual fuel system – CNG and diesel – for six days-a-week (except Sunday).

At a time when CNG has become almost synonymous with the term of alternate fuel option in India, the fact that Indian Railways has also taken a plunge in this aspect does not come as a surprise. Introduction of CNG train will reduce greenhouse gas emission by the Railways and also the consumption of diesel.

This organization, which is one of the largest in the world, has shown its interest in making the world pollution-free by launching their first CNG powered train. Sudha Prabhu, the Railway Minister, flagged off the first CNG powered train in India and it ran across the 81 kilometres long Rewari to Rohtak section in the Northern Zone.

The CNG was applied to a passenger train with a mammoth 1400 hp engine, and the rake was modified to run on dual fuelling systems – CNG and diesel. Approximately 20 per cent of its fuel consumption will be on CNG, while the daily journey is completed in 2 hours. The six coaches have been manufactured by a Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF) via the fumigation technology. The train runs with the capacity of 770 passengers. However, it is expected to reach the 1000 mark being India.

Prabhu has given emphasis on the use of alternative fuel in trains including use of solar and wind power to reduce dependence on conventional energy.

The train will depart from Rewari at 7.50 pm to reach Rohtak at 10.10 pm on the same day. In the return direction, the train rain will depart from Rohtak at 5 am to reach Rewari at 7 am.

Prabhu also launched the daily Rewari-Bikaner train for the region. Both the trains were announced in the Rail Budget 2014-15.

The train consists two power cars and six car coaches and has been manufactured by Integral Coach Factory at Chennai with the CNG conversion kit being supplied by Cummins.

There is also a plan of CNG conversion technology which will permit utilisation of over 60 per cent CNG. Also a switch over to LNG technology is  under process that will enable higher fuel carrying capacity.

Besides Rewari-Rohtak, passenger service between Rewari and Bikaner is also under consideration and will be launched soon.

The trains are expected to emit lesser toxic, carcinogenic pollutants, zero particulate matter and harmful substances because of their switch to CNG. Also, the environment becomes free form the disastrous black smoke. The carbon monoxide content emissions are set to reduce by 90 per cent, carbon dioxide by 25 per cent, nitrogen oxide by 35 per cent and non-methane hydrocarbon emissions by 50 per cent. Also, the operating cost might be lowered by a whopping 50 per cent by the use of CNG.

Whether this move is accepted widely is yet to be known; however, congratulations to all those, whose outstanding efforts have contributed to launch a CNG-running train for the first time in India.