Prabhu launches new JUMBO Bonanza of UTS on Mobile

UTS on Mobile CRISUnion Minister for Railway Suresh Prabhu has launched ‘JUMBO Bonanza of UTS on Mobile’ a new mobile app for the railway commuters.

In order to save time passengers can download a mobile application called as ‘Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) on mobile’.

With this initiative, Central Railway would be rescued from queues at ticket counters, and also it will lead the passengers to avoid the usage of paper for tickets.

CR official said, the app has been already launched for Western Railway division of Mumbai from Churchgate to Dahanu.

For add-on, now they can even renew their monthly passes on their mobiles with UTS app.

Paperless tickets would be available for the Mumbai suburban section; paperless season tickets on mobile phones on Central, Western and Northern Railway (New Delhi-Palwal Section); paperless platform tickets at CST, Dadar, Panvel, Thane and LTT on CR; Mumbai Central, Borivali, Andheri, Dadar, Vasai Road and Bandra on WR and New Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin on NR.

Suresh Prabhu UTS on Mobile CRISTo avail the paperless ticket facility, the passenger has to maintain a Railway Wallet (R-Wallet) and book the tickets on the mobile phone and then print them at ATVM.

With this app, the passenger has to commence the journey within an hour of booking.

The tickets will be having a different colour pattern which will prevent the digital forgery.

Along with a QR code on it, booking time will also be printed.

Within a range of 30 metre to two km of a station, commuter can book tickets.

It can also be booked before entering into the station.

To ensure that the ticket has not booked under near the tracks, a band on the sides of the tracks is marked with the help of satellite (geo-fencing).

These tickets cannot be either cancelled or forwarded in order to ensure that it has not misused.


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