Prabhu to inaugurate first CNG Powered Train run on the Rewari-Rohtak Section

रेवाड़ी Rewari (RE): The Railways is set to begin its green journey with India’s first compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered train being flagged off by Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu on January 13.

The CNG Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) dual-fuel train will chug on the Rewari-Rohtak link. Manufactured by Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF), the train would help in reducing the operating cost of locomotives by over 50%. “Currently, the Railways runs its fleet of locomotives on diesel and electricity. With prices of both these fuels fluctuating, natural gas is the ideal alternative. The added advantage is the eco-friendly operations,” said sources.

The CNG engine emits fewer toxic, carcinogenic pollutants and zero particulate matter, say experts. It also helps cut carbon monoxide emissions by 90%, carbon dioxide by 25%, nitrogen oxide by 35% and non-methane hydrocarbon emissions by 50%.

Moreover, the new technology would come in handy as India has substantial reserves of natural gas in the form of conventional natural gas, shale gas and gas hydrates.

The CNG DEMU power car consists of a driver’s cab, an engine room, a radiator room and a CNG cascade room at the rear end. The CNG cascade contains 40 cylinders, each with a capacity to store 15 kg CNG at 255 bar pressure.

Rewari Station Superintendent Gopal Bhati said that preparations were in place for the train’s flag-off. The train has successfully passed all trials carried out through gas kit in December, Bhati added.