President inaugurates KRISHI VASANT-2014: Railway runs 21 Special Trains

Nagpur (NGP):  Krishi Vasant, the biggest ever farm exposition so far, was inaugurated by President Pranab Mukherjee in a glittering ceremony yesterday.  The President lauded the ‘new dimension and new direction’ provided to Indian farming in the last ten years, which has seen the country achieving food security and becoming a top exporter of foodgrains. In this period, special initiatives taken for increasing foodgrain production in the eastern part of the country, production of pulses and oilseeds and provision of credit to farmers have resulted in second agricultural revolution in the country, he said.

Central Railway and South East Central Railway have made arrangements for berthing of trains carrying farmers from various parts of the country for the national agriculture fair and exhibition KRISHI VASANT-2014.  Railways have deployed staff and supervisors at Nagpur, Ajni, Khapri and Butibori stations for guidance of farmers coming for this exhibition.

The officers and staff and additional security is deployed at stations to managing the extra rush of passengers.

The various trains that are coming to city are Igatpuri-Butibori, Belvandi-Nagpur, Ahmednagar-Nagpur, Ahmednagar-Ajni, Pune-Ajni, Pune-Nagpur, Satara-Ajni, Navapur-Khapri, Madurai via.Chennai-Nagpur, Trichi-Nagpur, Kochhuvelli-Nagpur, Gorakhpur-Nagpur, Lucknow-Nagpur, Allahabad-Nagpur, Varanasi-Nagpur, Saharanpur-Nagpur and Baribrahman-Ajni.

Apart from this, 10 additional coaches will be attached to various trains running via.Nagpur.  Other than this, five trains will arrive on Nagpur Division of South East Central Railway at Itwari and Kalumna stations from different parts of the country.  They are Hatia-Itwari, Shalimar-Kalumna, Sambalpur-Kalumna, Bhubaneshwar-Itwari and Brahmapur-Kalumna expresses.

Farmers block train in Salem

Demanding that berths be given to them for their journey, about 60 farmers blocked the Trichy – Nagpur special train at Salem Railway Junction here on Saturday. Farmers from various parts of the State had been selected by the Government to undergo training in Nagpur. Hence farmers boarded the special train in Trichy. When the train arrived at Salem junction in the late hours on Saturday, farmers blocked the train. They alleged that instead of being given berths in the trains, they were allowed only to travel in seats for their 36-hour-long journey to their destination in Nagpur. They demanded that they be provided berth facility for the duration of the journey. The blockage by the farmers continued till late in the night, because efforts by the railway officials and the Government Railway Police to resolve the issue did not yield any result. After about an hour, the train left after the farmers were assured of berths.