Prime Minister Modi speaks of Railways TTE Vijay Biswal about his paintings

Vijay Biswal painting2New Delhi: The Prime Minister in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday also spoke of Vijay Biswal, who made an enjoyment of his job by painting the various railway scenes he saw during his travel in various parts of the country.

One would imagine that those who work in the railways would, however, be immune to these sights and sounds, but it’s not the case with Vijay Biswal, Train Ticket Examiner in Nagpur division of the Indian Railways.

Vijay Biswal painting3Biswal, known for his brush strokes that have in the past painted wondrous portraits of men and the world, has now turned his attention to the railways. In a series of water colour paintings, he has brought out the hidden charms and beauty of a railway junction and the lives that revolve around it.

Biswal, though, says that his art is different from his work and the railways continue to motivate him to create more.

Biswal has been working with the Railways for the past 25 years, but he started painting much earlier and has only started getting recognition now.

Vijay Biswal painting