Pune-Daund-Kurduwadi route remained Vulnerable in terms of Train dacoities

Pune-Daund railway route needs more security, dacoits strike again

पुणे Pune: The train dacoity near Daund railway station is not the first train dacoity on that route. In fact, the entire section of Pune- Daund- Kurduwadi route has remained vulnerable in terms of train dacoities.

The Pune- Duand- Kurduwadi section has always remained infamous for train robberies due to the existence of Phase Paradhi community which is known for such crimes. Considering the rising number of train dacoities, the Government Railway Police (GRP) had also sent a proposal to the director general of GRP for two new police stations to tackle train dacoities.

According to the officials of GRP, “The section of Pune-Daund-Kurduwadi is unsafe as often the trains have to take long halts due to the signal as there are no alternate tracks available for trains to pass through the area. The dacoits are well aware of the situation and when train takes halts, these dacoits target the trains.”

According to the GRP officials, the dacoits carry out dacoity particularly on full moon and new moon nights. In recent past, these dacoits had reduced but the dacoity on Sunday night has once again raised questions of passenger security.

Past incidents

On April 11, 2012 seven dacoits had targeted Pune- Patna express near Kedgaon on Pune- Daund route and they had robbed off valuables worth Rs 24,500 from passengers.

On April 25, 2012 another train was targeted in Ahemednagar district when dacoits attacked Pune- Manmad passenger train near Akolner railway station and looted 22 passengers and took away Rs 56,000.