Pune Rail Division ignores free ‘treated water-supply’ offer from PMC for Coach Maintenance

पुणे Pune: Despite offering free treated water from the sewage treatment plant, for the washing of railway bogies and tracks, the Indian Railway administration did not respond to Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) offer.

Water Department Head, V.J.Kulkarni said the PMC is taking a lot of efforts to avoid misuse of potable water. The railways need a lot of water to clean the railway bogies and tracks every day and are using ‘potable water’ for those tasks.

Pune Municipal Corporation erected 10 sewage treatment plants in the city. The water treated in the STPs is released in the river now. The Pune Municipal Corporation is trying to use it for gardening and other purposes.

“Recently, the Pune Municipal Corporation wrote to the Railways and offered them free water from the Naidu STP for cleaning the railways. But the railways did not take any note of the proposal and there is no response from their side till date despite repeated chasing,” he added.

Civic activist Vivek Velenkar brought this information in the public domain and appealed to the railways to use the treated water instead of using potable water.