Pune railway division tells societies not to drain water on tracks

The Pune railway division has appealed to residential societies located near railway tracks not to drain out water towards the tracks during the monsoon.

“Draining out water towards the railway tracks is illegal and punishable under the law. The tracks are supported on mud and stones. If the water goes underneath, the tracks will become unsafe,” railway officials said.

During track inspections, railway teams found that residential societies have been draining out accumulated water from the societies towards the tracks.

The Pune railway division has prepared itself to tackle any abnormal conditions during the monsoon. The tracks and drains have been cleaned to prevent water logging on the tracks.

“We would like to appeal to passengers not to throw plastic bags and water bottles on the tracks and into drains at they choke the flow of water,” officials added. Railway officials have also asked commuters to refrain from standing on railway bridges, especially at Pune station. It becomes difficult for other passengers to move along the bridge, especially during peak hours.