Rail Ministry to launch Crackdown on Corrupt Officials from August 15

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has time and again claimed that corruption has come down since he took charge and that providing graft-free rule is on top of his priority. Now, to further polish its taint-free image, the government is preparing a crackdown on corrupt officials.

According to the notification, the Vigilance Department of Ministry of Railways has been asked to prepare a dossier of tainted and corrupt officials. Accordingly Ministry of Railways is in the process of preparing a dossier of tainted and corrupt officials. The dossier will examine extensively the various kinds of frauds, scandals, bribe seeking, corruption, economic offences & malpractices, financial misconduct, enquiries, investigations and allegations within the system.


1. At the Central level, the Home Ministry is preparing the dossier based on service records of the officials.

2. The Home Ministry, as part of its ‘confidential’ communication has written letters to various ministries/departments and all the para military forces and importantly Ministry of Railways (which ranks top in terms of corruption as per CVC) to finish the list by August 5, so that further action is initiated.

3. Dossier of corrupt officials and employees under Ministry of Railways will be based on the complaint, enquiry report and conduct of the officials, moral turpitude, dereliction of duty in protecting the interest of the Government of India. It will also examine whether major or minor penalty was imposed against the particular official or not.

4. List/dossier of corrupt officials will be approved by the competent authority.

5. After the list/dossier is completed, the concerned CVC/Vigilance Departments will keep a watch on such corruption prone officials.

6. Their actions and decisions will be examined to see if they are causing loss not only to the Government revenues but also causing any reputation damage of the government, for personal/nefarious benefits.

7. The list will be sent to CBI and CVC, who will monitor the conduct of tainted officials and keep close watch on such officials and take necessary action to prosecute, or recommend departmental action including major penalty, demotion or even dismissal from service.

8. Sources said once list/dossier is ready action against or crackdown will start after August 15.


Changing an over 50-year-old rule, the government in June set a deadline of six months to complete probe in corruption cases involving its employees

The decision has been taken to speed up the investigation in such cases, most of them pending for quiet a long time

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has amended Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965, and decided time-line for critical stages of investigation and enquiry proceedings.

The Inquiring Authority should conclude the inquiry and submit its report within a period of six months, says the amended rules.

However, an extension for a period not exceeding six months at a time may be allowed for any good and sufficient reasons to be recorded in writing by the disciplinary authority, it said.

Earlier, there was no time-frame to complete an enquiry.