Rail Neer project for Vijayawada still not been implemented

विजयवाड़ा Vijayawada (BZA): Over two years after the railway minister announced the ‘Rail Neer’ project for Vijayawada railway station in his annual railway budget, there has been no movement on the ground. According to field reports, the project was allotted to Vijayawada division and handed over to Indian Tourism and Catering Corporation (IRCTC). It is the only project specifically allotted to Vijayawada division in the railway budget in last one decade.

However, there has been no follow up in its implementation, from either the officials or from politicians. Presently, passengers depend on mineral water being sold by private companies on the railway premises. “If the project is implemented, passenger can get quality water at rates lower than at present,” said Railway Users Zonal Advisory Committee former member Shaik Allauddin. He said that the railways has stopped water supply trolleys in railway stations.

Meanwhile, divisional railway manager Pradeep Kumar said that a site has been identified for the Rail-Neer project at Krishna Canal junction. Mr Kumar admitted that the project has been delayed, but since it was the responsibility of the IRCTC, he could do little about it. However, he vowed to pursue the matter so that it is completed.