Rail reservations dip 10% in March

New Delhi: Rail reservations are falling. In March, bookings dipped 10.45 per cent, the sharpest in 2012-13, after slipping 1.6 per cent in February. The fall has been in both air-conditioned (AC) and non-AC segment.

Coming on the heels of the Railways increasing fares across-the-board from January 21, the dip in bookings suggests people are avoiding train travel. It also coincides with airlines offering discounted fares, narrowing the gap between air and AC train fares.

But Railway Ministry officials think the drop could be due to the widened window for reservations period since March 2012.

This allows people to book tickets 120 days in advance instead of 90 days. So, passengers could book in January itself for travel in May, one of the peak travel months.