Rail Wheel Factory has met Board’s Targets

Yelahanka (YNK): The Rail Wheel Factory (RWF) at Yelahanka has met all the targets set by the Railway Board in production of wheels, axles and wheel sets, said its General Manager Pankaj Jain.

Speaking at the 60th Railway Week celebrations organised at the RWF factory on Thursday, Jain said the financial year 2014-15 closed with production of 1,75,175 wheels, 72,479 axle units and 47,222 wheel sets.

The RWF has also won the ‘Golden Peacock National Quality Award’ for the year 2015.

He honoured meritorious employees who had excelled during the year 2014-15. Rajeev Gupta, Chief Mechanical Engineer, and Renuka Jain, president, RWF Women’s Welfare Organisation, were present.

RWF has won the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award for the year 2012, which was announced in August 2014. Among 63 entries, RWF won the ‘Best of All’ category.