RailNews Team

Venkatesh, Chief Editor & Founder

As a journalist, I consider myself a life-long learner. My career in different sectors gave me chance to have an in-depth vision and coverage in the Telecoms, Systems Integration, IT/IOT/Cloud solutions, FinTech, Consulting sales & News Journalism. I come with varied experience and exposure of vision, strategy, decision, policy and focus coupled with experience in extensive roles of sales, marketing, business development and operations portfolio in the Information Technology, Telecoms and Transportation sectors since last 25 years. I enjoy clubbing technology and trends with Railways and hence RailNews for you today in the form of online news journalism portal.

RailNews Media India Ltd (www.RailNews.in) was established in the year 2012 catering to the news journalism pertaining to the Industry of Railways as a whole, cross-cutting various geographies. We are happy to convey that the online readership of RailNews had just crossed 10 Crore visitors by July 2018. This readership is based on the Google Analytics from the date of launch i.e. 9th May 2013 till 31st July, 2018.

This was possible undoubtedly due to the quality-conscious news journalism being focused and practised by RailNews since its inception that which made RailNews emerge as one of the most popular and choicest “Online News Journalism Portal” dedicated to Rail industry. The rich and comprehensive suite of news coverage not only over the Indian Railways and the associated Union Ministry (including its Zonal Railways, Divisional Railways, Production Plants, Public Sectors, Railway Institutes, Railway Workshops) but also the Metro Rail Systems, but also the associated Principal Manufacturing Sectors of Rail Industry, the associated Rail Technologies, IT in Railways, Rolling Stock updates, Signal and Telecommunications, Engineering (Electrical/Civil) and the Parliamentary matters, the Socio-political issues and importantly cater to the Policy, Projects, Planning and Polity aspects – a unique experience, all in one Online News Portal viz. RailNews!

In its journey, RailNews has more emerged as a “Professionals’ Site” and became the choicest media for the global investors, the policy makers, technocrats/manufacturing giants involved in the public transportation, the associated economies/industry around the world of rail transportation thus making RailNews has one of the reliable and authentic news portal in their Look at India and Look at Indian Railways policy. We focus more on the progressive and forward-looking journalism that helps India in meeting its collective goals and objectives of Make in India policy, attracting the investments, FDIs, PPPs, Joint Ventures, Special Purpose Vehicles and in the process.

RailNews is not an Official Website of the Ministry of Railways. RailNews is privately held online news journalism portal.

Sridhar Kodavatiganti, Chief-Strategy (Publication)

Sridhar Kodavatiganti, an astute personality is the Chief of Strategy (Publication) at RailNews.

Sridhar is none other than the great grandson of Kodavatiganti Kutumbarao (1909-1980) – an exponent of the Telugu literature in the 20th century and Chief Editor of Chandamama, a popular children’s magazine, from 1952 to 1980 which went into the hands of Morgan Stanley, Disney etc.  From his maternal side, Sridhar is again the great grandson of Yadavalli Suryanarayana (1888–1939), an Indian film actor, and thespian known for his works in Telugu cinema and Telugu Theatre and who made his transition from theater to cinema in 1932.

Sridhar comes with excellent core competencies in the areas of Finance & Accounting Management, Budgeting & Forecasts, MIS Reports, Term Loan Operations, Payroll Management, Working Capital Management, Audit Functions, Monthly Statutory Payments, Monthly reporting, Review Internal controls, Business Process Improvement, Taxation, Relationship Management Team Management.Having worked in various FSI sectors, Sridhar is a senior level Accounting professional with strong track record of driving business performance and is excellent in compliance matters in administrative functions.

He is adept in carrying out Accounting Operations with extensive experience in operations management & exposure to all facets of finance & accounts operations and processes in-depth knowledge & proficiency in handling organizational economics & administrative issues.