RailTel bags prestigious MPLS-VPN Order from Karur Vysya Bank

RailTelसिकंदराबाद Secunderabad (SC): Southern Region of RailTel Corporation of India Ltd (RailTel) have bagged the prestigious order from a private sector banking organisation – Karur Vysya Bank for connecting 190 branch locations spread across the country. The total value of the deal could be more than INR 7.00 Crore, said the source.

RailTel will offer a premium class of services to Karur Vysya Bank in 190 branch locations on the MPLS-VPN, of which, 46 sites will be implemented in Phase-I within 7 weeks from the Purchase Order, and within 16 weeks another 144 sites under Phase-II will be rolled out.

The delivery of MPLS VPN links at 190 branch locations will be in two phases – in the first phase, RailTel will deliver the links which are found to be feasible from its existing towers. It is said that M/s. Primatel had already conducted the region-wise feasibility study and submitted the report to RailTel. RailTel is envisaging to make these first phase links up on the MPLS-VPN within 7 weeks.

The MPLS-VPN bandwidth range in multiple granularities from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps and, 1 Mbps to 60 Mbps.  The aggregation point is at the Data Centre of Karur Vysya Bank located at Chennai and the Disaster Recovery site at Hyderabad.  Both the DC-DR locations will be connected through primary and secondary optical fiber connecivity with last in a ring to be sourced from RailTel’s separate POPs and distinguished till Bank’s DC/DR Network rooms.  RailTel shall provide optical multiplexers for terminating the fiber connectivity and provide optical Synchronous Transport Module (STM) handoff for router connectivity without any additional cost to Bank.  The lastmiles at DC-DR will be on self healing high availability mode.  As part of the execution of the project RailTel shall also ensure that the physical interfaces and interface type (Optical/UTP/FE/GE) whichever required at DC and DR locations router connectivity are provided while Karur Vysya Bank will provide the required IP Addresses for DC-DR locations and 190 locations, routing type whether static or dynamic (ASN in case of BGP) etc to RailTel during the implementation and commissioning stage.

The delivery at branch sites is envisaged through OFC/RF whichever is feasible.  However in RF connectivities, RailTel shall use its existing Digital/Analog Microwave towers as well as by constructing new GBTs with the help of M/s.Primatel – Rate Contract System Integration partner of RailTel.

The balance sites in Phase-II will be commissioned by erecting new GBTs in which case, RailTel can commission many of the links by using its existing infrastructure.  RailTel will issue the work order for the survey of all the 190 sites on Primatel for GBTs to be erected, the height of poles at branch premises etc. Based on Primatel’s report, the locations for erecting GBTs will be finalized for which RailTel have to take necessary approvals from respective Zonal Railways for erecting GBTs which is going to be the most critical activity in the implementation.

RailTel is also paralelly working on RailWire project roll out across the country in a phased manner. Once RailWire is commissioned, the connectivity can be established even in the remotest parts of the country.