RailTel bags prestigious MPLS-VPN Order from State Bank of India

MUMBAI: Western Region of RailTel Corporation of India Ltd (RailTel) have bagged the prestigious order from India’s largest banking organisation – State Bank of India (SBI) for connecting 3000 SBI branches (including the associate banks) spread across the country.

SBI has placed the Letter of Intent on RailTel on nomination basis. The total value of the deal could be more than INR 60 Crore per annum, said a source from SBI/Belapur on the condition of anonymity.

As part of the deal, RailTel will offer a premium class of services to SBI in 3000 branch locations on the MPLS-VPN.  The delivery at branch sites will be envisaged through OFC/RF whichever is feasible, on RailTel’s networki, however in RF connectivities, RailTel will be using its existing Digital/Analog Microwave towers as well as by constructing new GBTs with the help of the empaneled System Integrator with whom the Rate Contract was signed.

RailTel’s MPLS VPN will support any to any connectivity of the SBI and will be a closed user group for Bank and will not have any physical and logical interference with other customers of the TSP or Internet route/traffic. The architecture used for the complete solution will be end to end enabled with layer-3 routing domain (end to end transparent layer-3 routing using static and dynamic routing) with Latency not more than 120 ms (End to End) for a 1500 byte packet size measured for a minimum of 1000 packets.

SBI also sought special approval from the Strategic Executive Board to empanel RailTel in lines with BSNL to directly place order for Primary 2 Mbps MPLS to branch without tender.  For secondary / alternative links, SBI has already floated a RFP and online reverse auction was conducted on 15th July 15.

State Bank of India has a Wide Area Network (WAN) known as State Bank Connect (SB Connect), connects its branches/offices and that of Associate Banks predominantly on BSNL MPLS which connects around 20000 branches/offices, and additionally around 3500 branches connected through VSATs. The Managed Services for this entire existing network is with Dimension Data India Ltd. (an NTT Group Co.,).  SBI sought to provide alternate connectivity to about 22000 domestic branches/offices of the State Bank Group by June 2016, and for this purpose it is proposed to use Wireless solutions from Telecom Service Providers, except BSNL/MTNL.  State Bank Group (SBG) for the limited purpose of this RFP means State Bank of India, and it‟s Associate Banks.

As part of the deal, RailTel shall submit the details of the technology used related to end to end connectivity from the branch to SBI data center in the following domains:

  • Devices used for end to end connectivity
  • Different type of authentication used at different points of connectivity
  • Level of security and authentication process for providing the connectivity
  • Details of the features available/integrated for Guaranteed availability of service for providing end to end connectivity even during failures at multiple points between branch to Data Center.

The Bank will arrange for UAT & SAT for each type of technology offered by RailTel and clearance will be given only if the Bank finds the technology to be acceptable from a functional, performance and security point of view.  The links at the data center shall terminate on a layer 3 device which will be provided by the Bank. The responsibility of the RailTel for managing the connectivity shall be from the Branch/Office site up to the layer 3 devices, provided by the Bank at the Bank’s data centers. Laying of cables up to the device shall be the responsibility of the RailTel.

The duration of the contract is valid for five years from the date of first Purchase Order yet to issued by SBI. RailTel shall have the option to agree for the extensions of the solution (from the date of expiry of the contract) for any period not less than one year at a time and for any number of times at the request of SBI and at mutually agreed commercials.