RailTel launches HD Immersive Video Conferencing service TPaSS for AP Govt.

RailTel Immersive VCVijayawada: RailTel launched the state of the art HD Video Conferencing Service – Telepresence as a Service (TPaSS) for the Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Department at Vijayawada, in the august presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Hon’able Minister of Irrigation of AP, Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao, Regional General Manager, RailTel, P.V. Sreekant, Cisco Vice President Vikram Kumar, Project Manager, Wipro, Venu Gopal, Engineer-in-Chief, Chief Engineers of AP were also present during the event.

RailTel earlier got the Work Order from AP State Water Resources Department for installation and commissioning of Cisco’s Telepresence Studios IX 5200 each at Jalasoudha, CM’s Camp Office/Vijayawada, integration with SX 20 in all 13 Districts in AP, in which M/s Wipro has been selected as the Systems Integrator through the open tender by RailTel.

This project pertains to Water Resources Department of Govt.of Andhra Pradesh wherein it was earlier proposed for installation and commissioning of Cisco’s Immersive Telepresence Studios IX 5200, one each at Jala Soudha, Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh CM’s Camp Office at Vijayawada and integrating with Cisco’s SX 20 in all the 13 district HQs of APWRD.

Andhra Pradesh is the first State Government to deploy such latest equipment in the country. RailTel has connected all the district head quarters of AP & Irrigation HQ at Jalasoudha, Hyderabad with Optical Fibre Network and installed latest state of the art video conference technology called Immersive Tele-Presence.

RailTel Immersive VC experienceThe solution provided to Irrigation Department of Andhra Pradesh included setting up of Cisco IX-5200 Tele-Presence studios & the installation of 18 seater immersive Cisco IX-5200 Tele-Presence at Jalasoudha, Hyderabad & APWRD office, Vijayawada. At all the district HQs, Cisco SX-20 Tele Presence equipment with all other end points have been installed on the Optical Fibre Network and to support latest state of the art video conference technology called Immersive Tele-Presence. The collaboration TP solution offered combines the use of video, audio and on-screen drawing capabilities and allows each party of the meeting to dial-in to the Tele Presence room to see/talk to every other member on a screen as if they were in the same room. The visual aspect greatly enhances communication, allowing for perceptions of facial expression and other body language.

The immersive Tele Presence solution offered would enhance the productivity of Irrigation department by reducing the travel spend and improving work/life balance. It will allow the department to take prompt decisions as even hand held mobile devices can join multi-party immersive conference in real-time, independent of location. AP irrigation department plans to use RailTel’s Tele Presence platform for their online SCADA application and water management through smart grid. Chief Minister, during his 3 hour long conference, elucidated the need to exploit technology to effectively utilize water resources in the newly formed state.

RailTel has partnered with M/s.Wipro Limted using Cisco Telepresence Solutions and M/s Wipro had successfully completed the project within 3 months.

Immersive Telepresence beyond the Boardroom

The Cisco TelePresence IX5000 Series is the industry’s first H.265 triple-screen product. It requires zero room remediation and takes only half the installation time, power, and bandwidth of existing products for better TCO and faster deployment. Get high-fidelity audio and video and rich collaboration functionality for the most vivid immersive collaboration experience available today.

Finely crafted and easy to use, the Cisco TelePresence IX5000 Series brings together teams, customers, and partners to make decisions faster. The immersive, lifelike experience increases engagement, which rapidly builds relationships and trust.

The IX5000 Series includes of the IX5000 single-row, 6-seat system and the IX5200 dual-row, 18-seat system.

Superior Power and Experience

  • Rich multimedia experience with high-definition video and theater-quality audio
  • Industry-first support for H.265 on a triple-screen product
  • Participants can share multiple content sources on three 70-inch LCD screens
  • 4K cameras can “unskew” video images in whiteboard mode for remote participants, allowing flexible whiteboard placement
  • Stand-up mode lets participants move about the room

Greater Value in Deployment

Install the IX5000 into more rooms faster and more cost effectively, and give more people access to the most vivid collaboration available today.

  • Zero room remediation required at half the power, installation time, and bandwidth utilization over existing products for significantly lower TCO
  • Enhance meetings with rich multimedia capabilities and multiple shared content sources
  • An uncompromised user experience increases utilization

Designed for Elegance and Functionality

The IX500 features a sleek, new industrial design that’s inviting and easy to use. Integrated lighting delivers superior video images, eliminating the need for external light reflectors and room remediation.

  • Three 70-inch LCD screens offer an optimal viewing experience
  • Three 4K ultra-high-definition cameras capture the entire room
  • 18 custom speakers and one subwoofer deliver theater-quality audio
  • Elegantly integrated presentation connectors plug into content sources on PCs or Macs
  • A raised microphone bar allows optimal audio pickup and alleviates sound blockage from laptops

Specifications at a Glance

  • Three 70-inch LCD screens
  • Industry-first support for H.265 on a triple-screen product
  • True 1080p60 video on all three screens at half the bandwidth of existing products
  • 18 custom speakers and one subwoofer deliver theater-quality audio
  • Three 4K Ultra High-Definition cameras
  • Raised microphone bar for optimal audio pickup
  • 6- and 18-seat configurations

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