Railway commuters lost properties worth Rs.13.59 Crore in 17 months on Nagpur Division: says GRP

Nagpur (NGP):  crime statistics released by Government railway police (GRP), Nagpur, underlined the startling fact that properties worth more than Rs.13.59 crore were robbed from commuters in trains in a span of 17 months between January 2014 and May this year. The figure of properties being lost is expected to further rise with crime graph already showing an upswing.

The Nagpur GRP, which stretches from Gondia in eastern Vidarbha to Igatpuri in western Maharashtra, is now aiming to lay stress on prevention as detection is no cakewalk in the railways having massive jurisdiction spread over 3,687 kilometers having 384 railway stations. With four basic varieties of crime, the commuters are worst affected by thefts, followed by robberies. Dacoities and atrocities on women are the two other forms of crimes afflicting the commuters.

Apart from the stolen properties, GRP have been also left hassled by the rising crime graph in the ongoing year. In 2014, there were around 127 cases of thefts per month. This year till May, the current monthly average of theft cases are more than 148. Robberies too have increased to more than seven per month now in comparison to six monthly last year.

Superintendent of police, GRP, Nagpur, Anant Rokde said he aimed to step up the use of technology and cyber cell for detections which has been also urged by the state chief minister Devendra Fadnavis through his mantra of ‘smart policing’. “Detection is difficult in the railways due to the vastness of the territorial limits and also great multiplicity of exits and entry points. Our aim would be to create awareness and ensure precautionary measures to improve the preventing factors,” said Rokde. The SP sounded unsure regarding wisdom of the commuters carrying or wearing too much jewellery with them while travelling and wanted to leave the decision up to them.

In 2014, there were around 1,531 cases of thefts, 80 robberies and six dacoities leading to the loss of properties worth almost Rs.98.34 lakh. Till May this year, commuters were victimized in 743 thefts, 38 robberies and four dacoities leading to loss of around Rs.37.61 lakh worth properties.

GRP have detected 437 offences till May this year starting from beginning of 2014 recovering properties worth Rs.65.95 lakhs. “The chances of detections get higher when a gang is netted. The confessions of many offences by the gang leads to sound detections and recovery,” he said.

It’s also learnt that the GRP personnel, possessing hi-end mobile phone sets, would be provided with data of hardened criminal on records with their photographs and other details.