Railway contractor ‘abducted’ in Aliganj

LUCKNOW: A railway contractor was allegedly abducted from Aliganj on Thursday evening. According to reports, contractor Ravi Ranjan had left his home in Ajitnagar of Madiaon on Thursday along with his wife Preeti on bike.

The couple had reached Purania crossing when some men intercepted Ranjan. Preeti got off the bike and the group asked Ranjan to sit along with them in their car. Preeti told the police that Ranjan had taken Rs 2.5 lakh from a man for a railway contract. She suspected the same person was behind Ranjan’s disappearance. Rajesh Srivastava, officiating circle officer of Madiaon, said teams have been sent to the adjoining districts to trace the suspects. On Thursday Ranjan was asked to cough up the money by a suspect who asked Ranjan to visit the nearest ATM and withdraw money. Ranjan’s phone was working till Friday morning but was found switched off by Friday noon. Preeti then lodged a complaint with the police.