Railway Cops to face inquiries if caught in coaches reserved for disabled

मुम्बई Mumbai:  Mumbai police personnel caught travelling in suburban train coaches reserved for the disabled will now face departmental inquiries, an order issued by Commissioner, Rakesh Maria, last week stated.

The order, passed on June 27, after a meeting with a delegation of members from the Disability Advocacy Group of India warned that ‘strict action would be initiated against police personnel who are henceforth caught travelling in reserved coaches,’ the order reads.

Traveling in reserved coaches is punishable under Section 155 of The Railways Act and attracts a fine of Rs. 2000. The group had written to Maria on June 23, days before meeting with him. “It is a real hardship for a disabled person to run after a train as the coach for the disabled is full of Mumbai Police personnel and other unauthorised persons who travel with a duplicate,” a portion of the letter states.

The departmental action is in addition to the fine imposed by the Railways for the infringement. Disability Advocacy Group welcomed the order, saying that it would help curb such behaviour. “Every time, I travel in the train, there are at least four policemen in the coach who say they find the general compartments too crowded. Even after the order was issued, we found them traveling in these coaches on Wednesday,” said Sunil Chimulkar, the group’s General Secretary.