Railway Employee accuses Member of Parliament Dhananjay Singh of rape, intimidation

NEW DELHI: Fresh trouble seems to be on the cards for BSP MP Dhananjay Singh after a 42-year-old woman here lodged a complaint against him of rape and criminal intimidation, police said today.

In February 2005, a Railway employee organized a luncheon and invited Dhananjay Singh, who was an MLA then. The 42-year-old railway employee alleges that it was here that the evil eye of the MLA (now MP) fell on his wife.  “After lunch, Dhananjay struck a conversation with my wife and acted very friendly. I didn’t object, as he was my guest. But he started coming home very often on some pretext or the other from that day and became friendlier with my family. Soon, he asked my wife to have a physical relation with him,” he said.  When she refused, Singh allegedly took out a handgun and sexually assaulted her. “He would rape me often in a similar manner; if I resisted, he would threaten to eliminate my family,” the victim says.

She tolerated all that for five years out of fear, but eventually managed to bring herself to filing a complaint against Dhananjay in 2009 after he married Jagriti. But such was the MLA’s clout that she was forced to take it back. No FIR was registered. Sunita almost gave up.

But with Jagriti killing her maid and Dhananjay getting arrested for destruction of evidence, Singh saw a ray of hope and decided to approach police again. She spoke to her husband about it, but he refused to support her in this.

On November 11, she got a call from a ‘private number’. The caller threatened her with dire consequences if she complained against the MP. She got a similar call the next day. She also alleges that an SUV fitted with a blue beacon tried to run her over.

But Singh didn’t budge. On November 13, she approached the police again, and this time, an FIR was instantly registered. Dhananjay might be taken on remand on Monday and arrested later.

Police will have Singh’s statement recorded before a magistrate under 164 CrPC so that she cannot be forced to retract, said an officer.

Singh is currently in judicial custody after he was charged with destruction of evidence and violation of the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act in the case involving the death of a maid at his Delhi residence allegedly after she was subjected to torture.

The MP and his wife Jagriti were arrested on November 5 in connection with the death of Rakhi, their domestic help, and the alleged “merciless” torture by them of another domestic help, a minor.

Rakhi’s body, with injury marks on her legs, chest and arms, was recovered from Singh’s South Avenue residence on the evening of November 4.