Railway employees at Banihal go on hunger strike; Station Master joins in

Banihal: Railway employees, including Station Master (SM), went on indefinite strike against the failure of Northern Railway authorities to provide adequate staff to the station here.

Railway union members including union president SM Khan from Kashmir also reached Banihal and joined the striking employees. Station Master Banihal Rahul Kumar has also joined the employees and was said to be on the hunger strike at railway station Banihal.

However, the rail service from Banihal remained unaffected despite the strike by employees. The rail service between Banihal and Baramullah was running smoothly and manned by the striking employees, in turns.

Station Master Rahul Kumar said that the matter of the shortage of employees was brought into the notice of Northern Railway (NR) authorities on many occasion but nothing has been done so far.

He claimed that that he was working round the clock for last 24 days at railway station Banihal without any substitute. He said Railway station needs 22 booking clerks and only 8 are posted here.

President national federation of Indian railway Kashmir MS Khan said that the shortage of employees is a major concern for the railway employees posted on 16 railway stations of Banihal – Baramullah railway line. He said only 22 station masters are posted against 44 posts.