Railway has squatters on Rs.5000 Crore land in Bandra, Khar

Mumbai: The eastern stretch of Bandra and Khar might be among the worst hit in the country as far as encroachment on railway land is concerned with statistics showing that the area has a whopping 46,220 square metres of railway land overrun by 3,935 shanty units. The cost of these land parcels could be at least Rs.5,000 Crore if real estate rates in the area are anything to go by, said officials.

Incidentally a 43,000 square metre plot of railway land, less than a kilometre away from these land parcels, has been put up for sale by the Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) and officials estimate the sale price of that land- as and when it happens, to be in the region of around Rs 5000 crore.

A group called the Navpada Kabrastan Rasta Bachao Andolan has already started sending out messages about carrying out a signature campaign in Bandra East opposing the fifth line