Railway Minister attends 7th Indian Railway Services of Electrical Engineer’s Day

NEW DELHI: The Union railway minister Piyush Goyal addressed the technical staff of Indian Railways on the occasion of 7th Indian railway service of electrical engineer.

He highlighted the modernization of electrical industry as he launched the first-ever mobile application of the electrical department. This shall help in receiving timely feedbacks of the employees in the electrical industry.

He stressed on ensuring transparency and simplification of the process of filling the tenders in railways. According to him, this would help in saving 25% of the current expenses

He spoke of establishing a customer-centric system that would encourage the customers to send in their feedback regarding the railway services and help the industry to analyze them and improve accordingly.

He further mentioned about the 7th pay commission where the government allocated 15,000 crores for paying out the salaries to the employees and 7,000 crores for the pension to the ex-employees.

He also appreciated the department for reducing the cases of failure of electrical equipment and increasing the efficiency of railway department.