Railway Minister launches various facilities/initiatives from Rail Bhawan

New Delhi / Vijayawada: Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu inaugurated/ launched following facilities/Initiatives from Rail Bhawan today i.e. 12th July, 2016 :-

  1. Announcement of policy opening Category I and II Goods Sheds for Container Lift on/Lift off operations by private container operators.
  2. Announcement of policy opening parcel sector to container operators
  3. Flagging off of a new tri-weekly express train between Vijaywada and Dharmavaram Via Anantpur through video-conferencing.
  4. Flagging off ex. Gurgaon, of a time table Auto Car Freight train service between Gurgaon and Nidvanda (near Bengaluru) through video-conferencing.

Automobile Parcel Van and Container Parcel ServiceMinister of State for Railways & Minister of State for Communication (Independent Charge) Shri Manoj Sinha and Minister of State for Science & Technology and Earth Science Shri Y.S.Chowdary were specially present to grace the occasion. Chairman, Railway Board, Shri A.K.Mital, other Railway Board Members, several other dignitaries and senior officials were among those present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu said that today’s flag offs and new initiatives are one more step towards serving the country better. He said that auto industry which is the fastest growing industry is expanding with the increasing population and thus railways can extract revenue out of this opportunity by improving its auto traffic. He said that today’s flag off that too with time table run of freight train would ensure timely delivery of the autos which would increase confidence of auto industry on railway’s credibility.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of State for Railways & Minister of State for Communication (Independent Charge) Shri Manoj Sinha said that Indian Railways is firm in its commitment to complete budget announcements at the earliest. He further said that Indian Railway has a large shelf of projects ranging from passenger amenities to infrastructure development.  He said that the today’s flag offs and other measures are going to help the people and industry in a long way.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of State for Science & Technology and Earth Science Shri Y.S. Chowdary thanked the Minister of Railways for introducing New Train Service between Vijaywada-Dharmavaram and keeping in the mind the long pending demand of the Andhra Pradesh people. He said that the Indian Railways has now been passing through a new era of modernization and wished Indian railways success for its future initiatives.


Opening of parcel sector for Container Train Operators(CTOs)     

In pursuance to the budget announcement, the following guidelines are being issued to open parcel segment for the Container Train Operators:  

(i)        Container Train Operators (CTOs) shall be allowed to operate Parcel Special trains (non-leased) consisting of Parcel Vans on indent basis.

(ii)      The minimum composition of Parcel Special train shall be 20 Parcel Vans + one Brakevan as per Freight Marketing Circular No. 17 of 2010.  Accordingly, Container Train Operators (CTOs) shall place indent for minimum of a rake.

(iii)    Container Train Operators (CTOs) shall aggregate the parcel cargo from various customers and offer the same in full rake load.  At destination, the parcel cargo shall be delivered to the CTO for further segregation and handing over to various customers.

(iv)     Container Train Operators (CTOs) shall be permitted to load/ unload the Parcel Special train from Container Rail Terminal (CRT), Inland Container Depot (ICD), Domestic Container Terminal (DCT), Multi-modal Logistic Park (MMLP) and all Railway’s terminals notified for handling of parcel trains.  

(v) The existing tariff shall be made applicable, which is at present at “Scale P”   as per Coaching Tariff No. 25, Part-III, effective from 01.10.2013. Any revision in tariff shall be made applicable under this scheme.

Opening of Group-I & II terminals for operation of container trains by private container operators by notification as Container Rail Terminals (CRTs)

  • In the Railway Budget 2016-17 Minister of Railways has announced that ‘All existing terminals/good-sheds would be granted access to container traffic, where considered feasible’.
  • Presently, all Group-III terminals (handling less than 7 rakes) are opened for operation of container trains including Lift on-Lift off. Group-I & II terminals (handling more than 12 and between 7-12 rakes respectively) with certain exceptions, are opened for chassis stuffing/de-stuffing operation only. The number of goods sheds/stations classified into Group-I, II & III are 378, 232 and 716 respectively.
  • Fulfilling the promise made in the Budget, it has been decided to open Group-I & II terminals also for container train operators (including Lift on-Lift off) so as to provide them access to 610 more goods sheds/stations, with following conditions –

Ø      Station/goods shed should have multiple handling lines

Ø      Traffic dealt at such terminal does not exceed seven rakes per handling line per month

Ø      Both Lift On-Lift Off operation and Chassis Stuffing/De-stuffing will be allowed

Ø      Permission will be given on joint recommendation of COM & CCM and with the approval of GM

Ø      It must be ensured that the contemplated container handling activity will not in any way hinder or restrict or hamper handling of inward or outward traffic in rail wagons at present or in foreseeable future.

  • Encouraging Lift On-Lift Off operations provides first and last mile road bridging services (‘door-to-door services’). This will lead to better utilization of unutilized/less utilized good shed lines, lead to expansion of container operations & widening of commodity basket through small packet size and attract traffic from Road to Rail through Containers.
  • Targeted beneficiaries are private container train operators, logistic companies, all freight customers, third party freight cargo aggregators, small packet size parcel operators & end-users and manufacturers.

Time tabled run of freight train (Automobile Traffic)

—        Indian Auto Industry is one of the largest in the world with annual production of about 24 million vehicles.

—        During year 2015-16, IR has loaded 708 rakes carrying 235907 units of four wheeler/three wheeler/two wheeler .

—        IR‘s present Rail Share in the automobile transportation is only about 3%.

—        The production and consumption pattern of Automobile is growing in such a way that there is substantial demand for transporting automobiles from one area to other area – to a distance much beyond 500 m.

—        IR is targeting to achieve 25% rail share of auto traffic.

—        At present Major OD pairs  are Delhi – Chennai,   Delhi – Bangalore,  Chennai – Guwahati.

—        Delhi –Bangalore is one of the most important OD pair for Auto transportation.

—        AUTO Cargo is time sensitive and hence Time Tabled running is important to ensure quality service.  The  time table for Gurgaon–Nidvanda- Gurgaon circuit is as follows:

 Time (Dep.) Day STATION   Time (Arrl.) day
21.30 (dep.)   1st day  GURGAON  (GGN) 23.00 (Arr.)
  01.30 2nd  day PALWAL (PWL)   17.00
  02.30 MATHURA JN. (MTJ)   16.00  
12.50/13.00 BINA   06.00 3rd day
20.00/20.10    ITARSI (ET) 23.50/2400
13.00/13.10 3rd  day BALLARSHAH (BPQ) 08.40/08.50 2nd day
11.00/11.20 4th  day  RENIGUNTA  (RU) 11.30/11.40
15.40/15.50 JOLARPETTAI (JTJ) 05.00/05.10
19.30 (Arr.)  NIDVANDA  (NDV) 01.00 (Dep.)        1st day
70 Hrs.   TOR   70 Hrs.hrs.
  1. Days of Run Ex Gurgaon on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
  2. Days of Run Ex Nidvanda Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

—        At  present  average 2000 cars  move per month  between Gurgaon  and Nidvanda. The time tabled run will improve the turn round and the number of trips are likely to go resulting transportation of about 6000 cars per month.

Introduction of New Train service between Vijaywada Dharmavaram (Tri-weekly)

Tri-weekly express flagging offThe Indian Railways, (as per Minutes provide by South Central Railway) going to introduces a Over-Night train viz. 17215/17216 Vijayawada-Dharmavaram (Tri Weekly service).

            The abstract schedule including timings; composition, stoppages etc. of the train services to be introduced are as under:

23.10 D VIJAYWADA A 06.50
00.00 00.05 A/D GUNTUR A/D 05.40 05.45
05.45 05.50 A/D NANDYAL A/D 00.05 00.10
10.00 10.02 A/D ANANTAPUR A/D 19.00 19.02
10.45 A DHARMAVARAM D 17.50
44.08 KMPH SPEED 39.46 KMPH

Primary Maintenance: Vijaywada (R/BPC).      OEM; Dharmavaram

Days of run:

            Ex-Vijayawada – Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday

            Ex-Dharmavaram – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

One-way Distance:

510 Kms.


Guntur, Narsaraopet, Vinukonda, Markapur Road, Giddalur, Nandyal, Dhone Gooty,Anantpur .

Composition of regular service:

            SLR=2, 3AC=2, 2AC=1, Sleeper=6 (Total= 11 COACHES)