Railway Minister launches various Services and Facilities on a massive scale in Karnataka through VC

NEW DELHI/BANGALORE: Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has launched various railway related facilities and services for the benefit of different regions and the people there in Karnataka on South Western Railway. Speaking on this occasion Minister said “Karnataka is an important state for Indian Railways, we have allocated highest ever funds in the Budget for Karnataka for developing Railway infrastructure, almost quadrupling budget grant from that of 2013-14. Indian Railways is in transformation mode & is focusing on improving Rail Infrastructure & passenger amenities like never before. Cleanliness & Make in India programme have been successfully implemented in Indian Railways. High speed Railway network is being worked upon and soon we will operate trains at 200 Kmph on trunk routes. We are trying to make passengers comfortable in their journey and provide better quality of service; we are directing all efforts towards this.”

The following table indicates the work, venues of local function and dignitaries attended.

Sl. No Function Hon’ble Union Minister/Ministers/MLA/MLC
1. Flagging of new DEMU service between Baiyyappanahalli-Whitefield Baiyyappanahalli

1.   Ananth Kumar, Hon’ble Union Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers

2.   K J George, Hon’ble Minister for Bengaluru Development & Town Planning & Minister In Charge Of Bengaluru Urban District,

3.   P.C.  Mohan, Hon’ble MP, Bengaluru Central.

4.   M V Rajeev Gowda, Hon’ble MP Rajya Sabha

5.   S Raghu, Hon’ble MLA, C V Raman Nagar

6.   B A Basavaraja, Hon’ble MLA, K R Pura

7.   M Narayana Swamy, Hon’ble MLC

2. 1.   Commencement of  work of Hotgi-Kudgi-Gadag doubling (248 Km)

2.   Inauguration of PF shelter on PF2 at Gadag


1.   H.K. Patil,  Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Development  & Minister in – Charge of Gadag District, GoK

2.   Shivkumar Udasi, Hon’ble MP  Haveri

3.   Basangouda Patil Yatnal, Hon’ble MLC

3. 1.    Commencement of work of Gadag-Wadi new line (257 Km)

2.    Dedication to the nation- Doubling of Bhanapur-Koppal section

3.    Construction of  new PF 2&3  at Koppal station


1.      Basavaraj Raya Reddi, Minister of Higher Education and Minister in-Charge of Koppal District

2.      Karadi Sanganna Amarappa, Hon’ble MP, Koppal

3.      K Raghavendra  B Hitnal, Hon’ble MLA,Koppal

4. 1.    Inauguration   of new station building  and extension  of platform shelter at Chikkodi Road Station

2.    Dedication to the nation – Doubling of Londa-Shivthan section.

3.    Extension of Platform shelter at Raybag station

4.    Commencement of work of ROB in lieu of LC No. 438.


1.      Prakash Babanna Hukkeri, Hon’ble MP, Chikkodi

2.      Aravind C Patil, Hon’ble MLA

3.      Ganesh Prakash Hukkeri, Hon’ble MLA, Chikkodi

4.      Aihole Duryodhan Mahalingappa, Hon’ble MLA, Raybag

5. Inauguration of VIP lounge at Shivamogga town station Shivamogga

1.   D.H.Shankar Murthy,Chairman of Leg.assembly

2.   Bhanu Prakash, Hon’ble MLC

6. 1.    500 Kwp  Solar  Roof Top  System  at Mysuru Work shop

2.    Provision of  water conversation and  recycling plant at Mysuru Station

3.    Inauguration of FOB at Holenarsipur station.


1.   A. Manju  Hon’ble Minister for Animal Husbandry & Sericulture and Minister In-charge Hassan District

2.   H  D Revanna, Hon’ble MLA Holenarsipur


Details of works are as under:


Salient features Hotgi-Kudgi-Gadag DL project
Cost of the project Rs.1615 cr.
Total length 284 km
Number of Stations 41
Major Bridges 23
Minor Bridges 145
Road over Bridges 2
Road Under Bridges 13
Manned Level Crossings 42

This is a major project for which work is commenced today .This project is being taken up in partnership with NTPC. It will increase the line capacity and strengthen Rail Infrastructure to connect Bengaluru/Hubballi to Mumbai.

  • At present, Hotgi-Kudgi-Gadag route is a single line rail link between Guntakal-Pune-Mumbai and Hospet-Hubli-Goa rail routes.
  • A number of Integrated Steel Plants/Power Plants/Cement Plants are coming up along the Hotgi-Kudgi-Gadag route. This doubling work will provide the necessary line capacity for introduction of additional trains and smooth movement of rakes to/from the industries/power plants.
  • Part length for this Doubling project, i.e. from Hotgi-Kudgi (134 km) has been taken up under “Customer Funding Model” with National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC). NTPC HAS DEPOSITED Rs. 946 Cr. Towards this doubling. Thermal Plant at Kudgi station of 4000 MW capacity is coming up and doubling of this line will greatly help movement of freight to this plant .
  • Gadag-Hotgi section passes through Gadag, Bagalkot, Bijapur Districts of Karnataka and Solapur district of Maharashtra State.
  • The entire project is targeted for completion by 2020-21.

Inauguration Of Platform shelter on PF2 at Gadag

Gadag is a ‘B’ Category railway station. It receives an footfall of about 3950 passengers per day. About 31 express/passenger trains halt at Gadag railway station daily. For the convenience of passengers, the existing platform shelter on platform no.2 & 3 has been extended for additional length of 60 M at a cost of Rs.11.50 lakhs. 15 numbers of three-seater concrete benches have been provided as seating arrangements for the convenience of passengers at a cost of Rs.1.50 lakhs. This extended shelter is helpful to passengers who wish to board/alight trains during extreme weather conditions.


1. Length of the Line 257Kms
2. No. of Stations 27 (Exclding  Wadi)
3. Total requirement of Land 3472 Acres
District Land in Acres
Koppal 967
Raichur 1116
Yadgir 1170
Kalaburagi 219
5. Total Number of Bridges 373
a)     Important Bridges: 02
b)     Major Bridges : 84
c)     Minor Bridges: 169
d)     Road Uner Bridges : 76
e)     Road Over Bridges : 42
6. Number of Level crossings Nil
7. Major rivers Krishna & Bheema

There will be no level crossing gate in the entire 257 KM route length of this line.

The 257 KM long Gadag-Wadi railway line is a prestigious project of Railways.

This line passes through Koppal, Raichur, Yadgir and Kalaburagi districts and covers important places like Yelburga, Kushtagi, Mudgal, Lingasugur, Shorapur & Shahpur enroute.

Once commissioned, this line will provide a short route between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, thus significantly reducing the travel time between the two states. The railway line between Gadag- Wadi will play a pivotal role in boosting economic growth in the region as it will also facilitate transportation of raw materials and finished goods of the industries in this region, besides catering to travel needs of public.

This project has been taken up under 50:50 cost sharing basis with Government of Karnataka (GoK).

Total land requirement for this project is 3472 Acres which will be provided by GoK free of cost to Railways.

Presently, 550 acres out of 750 Acres of land required between Talkal-Kushtagi (57 KM) has been handed over by GoK.

Tenders for execution of earthwork, minor bridges in this stretch costing Rs.85 Crores have been awarded by Railways.

Inauguration of New Platform No. 2/3 at Koppal Station

Koppal is one of the important districts of North Karnataka and being the district headquarters, a number of developmental activities have been taken up by Railways at Koppal for the convenience of passengers. Koppal railway station gets a foot-fall of approximately 2300 passengers per day and it is classified as a ‘B’ Category station. About 18 passenger/express trains arrive/depart Koppal daily. This Railway Station has been provided with all prescribed passenger amenities as per extant guidelines.

Newly constructed platform No.2/3 at Koppal railway station.

Along with the doubling of Hosapete- Tinaighat railway line, Koppal railway station was provided with an additional platform No. 2/3.

This is a high level island platform having length of 540 meters which has been constructed within a time span of 2 months, and at a cost of Rs.60 lakhs.

To have an access to this platform, one Foot-Over-Bridge(FOB) has also been provided to enable passenger have easy access to all the platforms.

Platform shelter for a length of 128 m/1024 Sq.m-8 bays of 16 m at cost of Rs.15 lakhs.

This new platform has 10 water booths to take care of drinking water requirements of passengers.

Adequate seating arrangement i.e. 20 three-seater concrete benches (at a cost of Rs.2.50 lakhs) has been provided for the convenience of passengers.

Total cost of improvement to passenger amenities is Rs. 1.66 Crores.

In addition, 3 New lines and one rail level goods unloading platform (650 m long x 21m width) have also been provided.


Bhanapur-Koppal section is a part of Hosapete – Tinaighat doubling project. The doubling of this  section (12 Km) was commissioned recently . This doubling has been completed at a cost of Rs. 35 Cr.

The midsection includes 03 New Major Bridges & 05  minor bridges.

This doubling is in continuation with earlier doubling commissioned from Harlapur-Sompur-Banikoppa-Bhanapur commissioned in year 2016.


Chikkodi road is an important railway station situated in Chikkodi taluk of Belagavi district in the Londa – Miraj section of Hubballi division, South Western Railway. About 12 trains halt at Chikkodi road Railway station daily and the station receives a footfall of 600 passengers daily.

A new station building with built up area of 275 Sq. Meter has been constructed at Chikkoddi Road Station.

Improvement to circulating area is done by providing paver blocks for area of 500 Sq.M. to improve the aesthetics of this station.

For convenience of passengers, platform at Chikkodi Road railway station has been extended by 320 meter with cement concrete flooring.

New platform shelter has been provided for a length of 64 meter with seating arrangements.

Since freight traffic is also dealt at Chikkodi Road station, platform of length  700 meter has also been provided to facilitate ease in goods loading/unloading at Chikkodi Road railway station.


Raybag railway station is located Londa-Miraj section of Hubballi division (South Western Railway).

 About 20 trains (including passenger and express) halt at this station and it receives a footfall of around 1800 passengers daily.

In addition to passenger traffic, Raybag station also deals with freight traffic.

 The station has regular inward traffic of maize and fertilizers, and sugar is transported from Raybag.

 This station had an existing platform shelter of 20 m.

Since many important express trains have stoppage at this station, additional platform shelter of 64 m  at a cost of Rs.15 lakhs has been provided at Raybag for the convenience of passengers.


Shivathan – Londa – Tinaighat is a part of Hospet – Tinaighat doubling project, passing through semi-ghat terrain of Western Ghats.

The doubling of 16.5km long section was commissioned recently.

As a part of this work, yard re-modeling of Londa Junction was done by increasing loop to 750m and yard is also provided with new shunting neck of 550m, track machine siding and siding for Rail Grinding machine. At Tinaighat a medium level passenger platform of 375m length and platform shelter is provided.

All the newly laid Points & Crossings are Thick web switches which improves safety. This doubling eases the congestion around Londa junction.

This doubling has been completed at a cost of Rs. 38.5 Crores.

AT SHIVAMOGGAProvision of VIP lounge at Shivamogga Town 

Shivamogga town is an important A category station of Mysore Division which is attracting large number of tourists in the Malnad area of Karnataka.

 The upgradation of passenger amenities in this important and famous station has been done by  upgrading  of station building, improvements to approach road with proper paved parking facility and paving of circulating area, Digital Reservation Chart, platform shelter Electro – Chlorination Plant etc.

Being tourist destination of Malnad region of Karnataka, the station has been further upgraded by providing majestic VIP lounge.

The VIP lounge was sanctioned in the year 2015-16 and the facility is provided with proper ambience with granite flooring and cladding, air-conditioned seating arrangement with Sofa set, Luggage rack and improved bath-cum toilet facilities with hot and cold water.

 This facility to a great extent will grant better waiting experience to the travelling passengers visiting Shivamogga Town Railway station.

AT HOLENARASIPURA: Dedication of Foot over bridge at Holenarasipura

Holenarasipura is important station of Mysuru Division which is a famous for important an ancient Narasimha Temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha and river Hemavati, one of the many tributaries of the Kaveri.

Being the important tourist destination, the station was identified for upgradation as Adarsh station during year 2015-16.The important Passenger Amenity works listed below to the tune of Rs.2.85 crores are added to upgrade the station as per norms of Adarsh station.

Sl.No Name of Work Cost (in Lacs)
1 Improvement to façade of station building,  Improvement to PF surface of PF No.1 including seating arrangement and water pedestal, 34
2 Improvement to circulating area and approach road. 48
3 Provision of pay & use toilets, 5
4 Provision of IRS type PF shelter for a length of 96 mtrs at PF NO.1 54
6 Extension of PF No.1 to accommodated 24 coaches 12
7 Provision of second PF (No.2) rail level with lighting facilities. 47
8 Provision of low cost PF shelter PF NO.2 26
9 Provision of  Foot over bridge 59

Foot over bridge has been completed in the month July-17. On commissioning of foot over bridge at Holenarsipura all required facilities as per Adarsh station norms are provided.

AT BAIYYAPPANAHALLIDEMU train from Baiyyappanahalli (BYPL) to Whitefield (WFD)

A new special DEMU train starting from BYPL to WFD in the morning and WFD to BYPL in the evening peak hours is being planned to cater to the demand of daily passengers working in and around WFD area. BMRCL is taking up extension of Metro services from BYPL to WFD. In this regard several construction works are being taken up which has led to traffic congestion for road users. To facilitate commuters in this stretch, Railway has planned for introduction a new DEMU trains in addition to the existing services.