Railway Ministry retains the Heritage of a scenic train route in North-East

गुवाहाटी Guwahati (GWH): A 221 Km metre-gauge railway track in Assam’s Dima Hasao district was on the verge of becoming history last September 2014 to make way for a broad gauge track that would become operational by April this year.

But then several debates and discussions went on from September 2014 on whether this heritage train line could be retained or not. Now after four months, the New Year has brought some good news to the people of this district. The Railway Ministry has confirmed that this 221 kilometer track could be retained but with certain modification.

The alteration that was made by the Ministry with the help of the Joint Action Committee for Heritage Line (JACHL) which is an assortment of 21 organizations comprising of apex bodies of different communities, student unions, and NGOs of Dima Hasao offered their heartfelt gratitude for declaring the considerably small patch of 50 kms from Mahur to Harangajao as the heritage railway line of Assam.

JACHL under the leadership of Debojit Thaosen (Chief Executive Member of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council) submitted memorandum to the concerned ministry and also met Kirin Rijiju, Union Home Minister (State), urging them to retain the heritage line as this is the beautiful identity of the people in the Hills.

In other words it would also benefit the people of the district to travel from Mahur to Harangajao as they did from the very initiation of the railway services in this hill district.

This railway track as always would add to the identity of Dima Hasao, the lush greenery of the mountains, the zigzag pattern of track, the hushing of small fountains every now and then has always kept the travelers mesmerized and it would continue to do so with this Heritage Line decision of the Railway Ministry.