Railway Ministry sanctions Rs.638 Crore Nagpur-Wardha 4th Rail line project

NAGPUR: Railway minister Suresh Prabhu on Wednesday sanctioned the construction of a 4th line between Nagpur and Wardha in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. The project, involving building 78.87 kilometres of tracks, will cost Rs 638 crore and was earlier cleared by the NITI Aayog. There will be total 147 bridges (2 important, 12 major and 133 minor bridges), 8 RoBs and 4 RuBs in the section. The line will be an electrified one. Work of construction of 3rd line on this section is already sanctioned and work is in progress.

In a statement, Central Railway said that Wardha-Nagpur section is common to High Density diagonals i.e. North-South and East-West. With construction of this line flow of passenger and goods traffic will be smooth. “At present Wardha-Nagpur section is a double line section of Nagpur division of Central Railway. This section is one of the most busy and important section in Central Railway, as this section caters the traffic of 2 important Trunk routes viz. Chennai –Delhi (North- South)Grant trunk route and Mumbai–Kolkata (East-West) trunk route. Apart from the traffic of both the trunk routes, many private sidings and freight proposals are in advance stage which will also contribute additional traffic on the section. Now, after construction of 4th line, there will be uninterrupted and speedy movement of trains,” said the CR statement.